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  1. jcollector

    '97 OG Nike Foamposite One or OG Air Jordan xii??

    Without further explanation, that was a good year for Nike basketball in general. My question is, out of these two particular shoes, which one do you all think held up longer? I'm asking this because both shoes have great reputations for being built like tanks. Sorry if this topic was posted before.
  2. jcollector

    Basketball Never Stops shirts question

    Are these shirts available for sale, or are they exclusive to the NBA players sponsored by Nike? Just curious. Sorry if this was posted already!
  3. jcollector

    Chris Broussard: LeBron James fan???

    Anyone get the impression that Chris Broussard is somewhat of a fan of LeBron? To me, it seems that way sometimes after seeing some of his commentary on ESPN. Your thoughts?
  4. jcollector

    Sneaker Friends 2011 ATL

    Anyone going or has anyone heard of it? If you don't know already, here's the info if you're interested:
  5. jcollector

    Michael Jordan 2011 video

      I came across this video on youtube. Before ya'll take this post too serious, it's just one of those "what if" type of vids. Enjoy!
  6. jcollector

    Do you think we'll ever see another politically/socially aware superstar black athlete?

    A few days ago after watching the documentary titled, "Facing Ali", I was reminded of how much the black athletes of Ali's era were more than just athletes/brands/celebreties. They were also activists & leaders who spoke out and even changed certain issues that affected their communities. Those...
  7. jcollector

    Official NBA game ball question

    I've always wondered why I've never seen this ball used by the general public ( besides the issue of the $80+ price tag). My question was answered after reading many customer reviews online. People seem to hate it. They say the ball is very slick and has a cheap feel. My next question is, does...
  8. jcollector

    Atlanta Hawks' fanbase

    I went to the game this past week to watch the Hawks face the Knicks on Sunday, and I went to Tuesday's game against the Lakers. I seriously felt like I was at MSG, and Staples respectively! I know most people will say, "NY & L.A. are the two biggest markets, and it's to be expected that many of...
  9. jcollector

    Anyone feel like they're the only TRUE sneakerhead/enthusiast they know?

    It can be a lonely or even a hilarious feeling at times. I understand that in this economy many folks can't afford the latest Jordans or other high end sneakers, but I guess I'm coming from a unique perspective in the sense that I'm referring to just an appreciation for the sneaker CULTURE in...
  10. jcollector

    Improving your basketball skills after 25 (serious topic)

    Been awhile since I've been on here, so I'll get right to it. I just turned 27 a couple months ago and I've been playing basketball competitively since high school. While loving the game, I was never quite good enough to be on the team in school. Fast forward a few years after high school and...
  11. jcollector

    Chris Broussard & LeBron James question

    I've noticed the majority of times whenever ESPN (whether is Sportscenter, First Take, Coast to Coast, etc) has a Lebron story to cover, Chris Broussard is the reporter that's commenting on him. Why is this? Is it just me or has anyone else noticed this? Just wondering...
  12. jcollector

    Nike Air Max CB 94 (Barkleys) review needed

    Can anyone give me a performance review on these kicks? Thinking about buying these. I know the technology in this shoe is inferior compared to the newer stuff out here, but I've been wanting these for years Any good reviews/knowledge of this shoe is greatly appreciated.
  13. jcollector

    What was the reason Kevin Garnett left Nike?

    I know this happened like 10 years ago, but does anyone know the story behind that whole situation? I had to ask this question because I read an article a few days ago that stated that KG is signing with yet another shoe company.
  14. jcollector

    Plenty of public backlash over the price of the 2009's vol. RECESSION!

    Read some of the comments on this board. I found this on the mediatakeout website: http://www.mediatakeout.c...tle_expensive_to_us_.html
  15. jcollector

    Skip Bayless Unappreciation

    Who else on this board can't stand this guy? Every time I watch ESPN First Take, I always see him discredit EVERY superstar athlete (particularly the blacksuperstars) and he seems to be a closet Spurs fan. Your thoughts?
  16. jcollector

    LAKERS SIGN OBAMA TO 10-DAY CONTRACT!!! "It has always been a dream of mine to play in the NBA," said the presidential hopeful, "That, and to provide quality healthcare to the 45million Americans without insurance." Standing alongside Obama at the...
  17. jcollector

    Playoff 8's question

    Has anybody played in their playoff 8's yet? If so can I get a review? Thanks.
  18. jcollector

    Anybody ever hoop at Metro Fitness (run n' shoot) in ATL?

    This topic could be in the wrong section, if so my bad and just put this in the right section. Anyway, I've heard about the place but I've never had a chance to go. What's the setup and/or competition like?
  19. jcollector

    Foamposite One performance question

    I've seen plenty of threads on the fit of these shoes, can someone give me a full review? Thanks.
  20. jcollector

    Northwest GA

    Anyone NTers on here from NW GA? If so, please post to let me know I'm not the only one here (LOL)!
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