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  1. milkladder

    R.I.P Teena Marie aka Lady T

    i was on boxden and found out she had died today. A legend will be missed "bumps square biz"
  2. milkladder

    Milkladder's Girlfriend Sneaker collection!!!!

    Whats up yall, this is Milkladder and ive ben on NT for a few years now. Right now, i want to show off my girlfriend's collection. Shes always been asneakerhead but She just started her real collection. here are all of her shoes for right now.Some of them are new and some of them are old...
  3. milkladder

    Which is the better buy??? XBOX 360 or PS3

    Wassup yall, i know this have been done plenty of times now and i usually dont come to the internet for help on these decisions but i need help lol. I really cant make a choice between a xbox 360 or ps3. ill go to the store and have a hard time picking which one i want. i been leanin toward the...
  4. milkladder

    Milkladder Collection

    whats up yall this is my lil collection. I been a member for niketalk about 3-4 years i have never had a big collection. I got rid of all my jordans and hereis what im down to. For some i love all my other shoes more than all the jordans i had.I love barkelys a lot though i still need the black...
  5. milkladder

    Those white/blue air max 90 are out??

    i thought that they were due out next year!!!! this is the one of the best air max 90 to come out in months!!! mesh toe and everything.They were at myfinishline for 91.99 link: white/blue/black air maxes at the bottom of the page
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