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  1. bak ymmij

    Nike Air Stab - Dave White

    Did a search and found nothing which is a surprise given the fact when his first AMs released there was much negativity on the Stab being scrapped. I totally missed the boat on this release and am kicking myself for it. I've wanted then since first photos leaked years ago. The search continues...
  2. bak ymmij

    Air Max Trainer 90 (Artwork by Cellophane & +41)

    Came across this just now. I wouldn't mind beating a pair up. Also wouldn't be surprised if Nike made them a reality.
  3. bak ymmij

    Any problems shipping to Spain via USPS?

    Title says it all.
  4. bak ymmij

    New AM Light (Any Info?)

    via aznfk69 The color placement and material on these is very attractive. I'd rather have a nubuck/leather toebox on these because it would be easier to clean. Anyone have info on a potential release?
  5. bak ymmij

    New Air Stab (US release date?)

    These dropped in Australia recently, any idea if they are coming to the US? Edit- "These will release in the US. I believe it is a March release SoleAddict said."
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