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  1. jbutta

    ***Reebok ATR Vertical III/Reebok Answer 11***

    Wow The ATR Vertical III is just a hot shoe... The Yellow stitching on this new AIXI colorway is a nice touch...but I'd go crazy if they made the white leather yellow and the stitching baby blue..
  2. jbutta

    Reebok's bringing heat: Pictures of the Reebok Answer XI

    First off, I know there's a different thread, but if I remember correctly those were old sample pictures. From my understanding, this is the actual product. I'm really hyped about Reebok's signature offerings this fall/winter. In my opinion, the Answer X and XI really were vast improvements...
  3. jbutta

    Does anyone have ALPHAPROJECT'S renderings?

    I've been looking on Kicksguide extensively for the past few days and have loved all of J.P's stuff. I checked the archives section, but the jpeg links to his post have all expired. Does anyone have his stuff saved up? I'm very curious. Thanks!
  4. jbutta

    Sorry Bout that.

    This post has been left blank.
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