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  1. iondajayz

    "Bring 'Em Back!" Please JB please release these again!!

    I don't want them to bring back Indiglos. They'll butcher 'em with the ribbing. I juss need some OG's. I would love some Mocha's and Cool Grey III's. FLINT IX's!!!!!
  2. iondajayz

    Jordan Retro 13 Steel Toe vol. Bleeding

    This is nothing new. XIII's bleed, clear soles yellow, PU midsoles crack. This is the risk of old shoes not being used.
  3. iondajayz

    Any recent news on the next Bin 23 release??

    Any new info? Anybody,  Bueller? Bueller? hahaha I heard a few months ago it was supposed to be the III's, but I was wondering if we have any updates beyond just that.
  4. iondajayz

    where are the og X white/black-steel greys with the "clean toe"???

    Steel's look clean with the toe cap. Shadow's, not so much. lol
  5. iondajayz

    Air Jordan XI Columbia releasing Holiday 2012 via Modern Notoriety

    I want these so bad. I still regret not being able to afford Space Jam's and Cool Grey's. I'm gonna redeem myself with Concords this year, and those next year.
  6. iondajayz

    Quick question about Jordan X's

    U only need to do it once. Unless u don't wear the shoes for awhile, then u might need to do it again.
  7. iondajayz

    Air Jordan IV(4) Black/Cement Red Promo Sample

    I need a pair of these
  8. iondajayz

    Air Jordan IV(4) Black/Cement Red Promo Sample

    I need a pair of these
  9. iondajayz

    Jordan no show socks? Your thoughts?

    Go for it. I buy Jordan socks all the time. Its really not that serious
  10. iondajayz

    Air Jordan Retro III Premium "Black Flip" First Look!

    Those are hella clean
  11. iondajayz

    Air Jordan 10 Cool Grey / Radiant Green?

    Let's hope so, I like those
  12. iondajayz

    Olympic VI 2011 Sample??? These are Nice!!!! Pic!

    Juss cuz Wale has a pair it doesn't mean they're dropping again. Even if he does model on the Jordan site
  13. iondajayz

    Help with my DMP VII's

    He was wearing the Cardinals in that game. I immediately put the shoe on. I guess I'll try dancing around in it then. lol Thanks
  14. iondajayz

    Help with my DMP VII's

    Any advice?
  15. iondajayz

    Anyone else think they are addicted?

    I don't think I'm addicted. I pass up on lots of colorways I like to get my favorites. I guess that doesn't count since my favorites usually are the most expensive colorways
  16. iondajayz

    Help with my DMP VII's

    My playoff colorway DMP VII's make squeaky sounds when I walk in 'em. I tried using powder on the insoles but it doesn't help. Is there any other things I can try to get rid of the squeaks?
  17. iondajayz

    Are Jordans wearable in games?

    Try 'em yourself. Even if they're very old designs, they're basketball shoe designs. So they were designed with basketball in mind. Nice avatar btw
  18. iondajayz

    OGs - where are they?

    Every single pair that people had wrapped in plastic is destroyed, but a lotta people thought that was the way to keep 'em, a lot of 'em have been WORN too. Besides, we're talking about something that's been sitting around for 20+ years past its intended use. Its not like a car where u can...
  19. iondajayz

    CDP 5s

    Cuz the V's are one of the dopest designs in Air Jordan history, and they're still hella comfortable for the court. Besides, MJ was wearing those when he scored his career high.
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