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  1. el chino

    WTB: Zoom Kobe 7 "Lower Merion Aces" Size 12

    Want to buy: Zoom Kobe 7 "Lower Merion Aces" Size 12 Can be used or new, willing to pay according to condition
  2. el chino

    Legit Check CDP Carmine 6

    Need a legit check on Carmine 6s , all help appreciate it. 
  3. el chino

    L/C Carmine CDP 6

    Legit check on Carmine 6s, All help appreciated.
  4. el chino

    P/C AQUA 8s

    I need a price check on Aqua 8s. Flaws: Minor Paintchipping. Also, How do the 8s fit?  I usually wear sz 11.5-12, would I be able to fit a 10.5? 
  5. el chino

    01 Bred 11 Price Check/Legit Check

    Need a Price/Legit check on these.
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