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  1. jesus is a laker fan

    team late night

    3AM... suffering a bout of paranoia. I might go for a donut run at 5AM... I hear they are fresh at that time.
  2. jesus is a laker fan

    Bachelor's of NT, Have you met anyone you'd consider marrying

    Nah. Before you do any of that, make sure you discover yourself first. It can take awhile and it's best discovered on your own.
  3. jesus is a laker fan

    [::LAKERS vs. NUGGETS GAME 7 Thread | SATURDAY 7:30pm TNT | Win or Stay Home::]

    That's how you win a Game 1, my sons. 2nd best offense in the league dropped a stinker. PLAYOFF DEFENSIVE INTENSITY. Drink up tonight. Eat a good dinner.
  4. jesus is a laker fan

    Do you think OJ Mayo will be better than Kobe?

    Well, I AM a Kobe fan, and I am telling you right now brother --- I SEE IT. I saw it at USC. This guy...... this guy here? He HAS it. I mean, he already plays both ends of the floor. All he really needs is that patented, unstoppable J...... and I saw him break the Warriors...
  5. jesus is a laker fan

    Do you think OJ Mayo will be better than Kobe?

    Bullcrap! We've watched this guy since high school. Dropping all these points in the first week of your rookie campaign is not a fluke. Did Kobe drop 30 straight out the gate when he became a starter? We are watching the birth of a legend in Orenthal James Mayo.
  6. jesus is a laker fan

    Do you think OJ Mayo will be better than Kobe?

    Kobe was 21 during the 99-00 season, right? I think OJ is already a better defender than Kobe was at that age. OJ's jumpshot is moredeveloped too, it took Kobe 5 years to develop that fall away J from the elbow. Maybe the Kobe = MJ comparisons were rubbish after all...
  7. jesus is a laker fan

    P.S.A. for those with COMPUTERS (UPDATE)

    how do i defrag my comp using windows 98?
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