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  1. deek510

    Jordan Golf - IV cement

    This bot **** is ridiculous. I was refreshing since 6:50am and they’re gone everywhere instantly at 7
  2. deek510

    Jordan XI Jubilee Holiday 2020

    my pair came quick from ndc. not sure if it’s nit picky but got some glue it looks like on my pair. Not a good look to have to repair some brand new $240 shoes
  3. deek510

    Jordan XI Jubilee Holiday 2020

    Got through on Nike. That was easier than I thought it would be. Finishline always came through for me in the past but the last handful of releases they've been useless.
  4. deek510

    Nike Air Total Max Uptempo Retro - Black/Volt - First Look (Actual Pic)

    Good looking out on shoe politics. Got through easy after forgetting they released today
  5. deek510

    AJ V Alternate Bel-Air

    Only site I’ve been able to get straight through is snkrs
  6. deek510

    Air Jordan 12 University Gold- July 24, 2020

    Been reloading every site since 6:50, everything crashing. My brother casually gets on SNKRS at 7:15 and has them in 30 seconds.
  7. deek510

    Air Jordan 13 Hyper Royal/ December 19, 2020

    Easy double up
  8. deek510

    Air Jordan 13 "Flint" May 30, 2020

    Overslept, but was able to get my 9.5 from Champs. Got paypal email, just waiting for Champs.
  9. deek510

    Air Jordan 11 Retro- Black/Red “Playoff”- 12/14/2019

    Got a pair on SP. That was suspiciously easy.
  10. deek510

    indiglo 14- 8/13/16

    I wish all releases were this easy. These were my grails too. Will the cop the second pair when I find below retail.
  11. deek510

    Pokemon Go (ios and android) - TEAM ROCKET

    Dude on the video said vaporeon.. but yeah, people are taking this game very serious
  12. deek510

    Air Jordan 14 “Oxidized Green” - July 16, 2016

    Finishline is wide open. Passing on these, but copping 2 pairs of Indiglos.
  13. deek510


    Been waiting for these, and slept in on accident 
  14. deek510

    "The Master" Jordan 12s To Release (2/27/2016)

    been on since release, still nothin. FNL always comes through for me but doesn't want my money this time. non stop check out errors
  15. deek510

    Price check: DS Jordan X Violet

    Been sitting on these since 2005. Never worn. Size 11 in women's (approx 9.5 men's). Threw on eBay a while back and only got low ball offers yet people were messaging me for a couple weeks to try to still buy them. Can't find on any sites that have these and all pairs on eBay I found are...
  16. deek510

    Laney 14 dropping as a quickstrike Vol coming soon

    Couldnt get through on fnl and I have 4 pending transactions :x Ndc took care of me
  17. deek510

    Laney 14 dropping as a quickstrike Vol coming soon

    First time NDC came through for me and FNL didn't. Back to sleep now.
  18. deek510

    Laney 14 dropping as a quickstrike Vol coming soon

    Finishline is trippin, can't checkout
  19. deek510


    Same on my eastbay almost got to submit order step and stuck on processing, wheel sitting there spinning. definitely not going through
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