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    NT I can't Swim VOL. help me

    So i grew up in the city and never learned how to swim.  My bros and I are going on a trip to Jersey post graduation and we are going to a lake house.  Is there anything you recommend/ places i should go like the YMCA to learn how to swim.  Mind you i have like two weeks until the trip.
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    Wisdom teeth Vol. I got a weird feeling in my mouth

    Anyone have their wisdom teeth removed? Is it less common to have it removed in different races? When i came in on Friday my dentist said i am able to keep 3 of the 4 wisdom teeth because i have room for them.  Added benefit is i have a ton of perc's but I am not in pain.  How do i not get a...
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    Apple Tv

    Anyone have one? I am thinking about Jailbreaking it but i want to know the perks. 
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    The Power of the internet Vol. Zeddie Little

    On the same level of scumbag steve. Dude blew up in a matter of days and he was basically running a 10k minding his own business.  [/spoiler]
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    The Interrupters Vol. Save our youth

    *spin off of Travon thread* My issue is the social media uproar with people saying am I next because i am black and own a hoodie. Step back for a second and see the differences between Trayvon and every other black youth gunned down. Only thing differentis the killer is walking away "for now". I...
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    Gang Tapes Vol. real life

    Just watched it on Netflix and i am wondering if this is real life? %$+# is unreal. 
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    This ever happen to you. Vol Google Chat

    So i have my G1 and get request to chat with people in my phonebook but this random one appears out of no where.  It's spam but how did they find my email. her: : hey you me: Hey who is this? her: hey i've been sitting around sooo bored and figured i'd say hi.... hope i didn't bother u there's...
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    Nt i need your help. Vol. Senior thesis about violence

    So for my senior thesis i want to focus on personal stories about violence. I got tired of hearing about kids dying and just being another number in the cities books. We hear about it in the news but i fell like actually hearing personal stories speaks more. So i am collecting personal stories...
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    For the simps

    Anyone have terrible stories about simpin or missed opportunies or getting friendzoned. Friend of mine just started this tumblr and it could have potential for luls.  It's called how i met your potential mother.
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    Was NT just down for an hour

    Am i the only one that couldn't get on. Felt like the world stopped, had to get on FB for the first time.  Also watching the Pats game and Vince Young is reckless. 
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    No Fap November

    Lets get it started. Whose down for a good old clean November. Good read to help you in this endeavor WHOSE IN? 2morrowbegins 36hypno 4wrestling 504 D1 Prospect 703FlipFiend 8PM at MSG AdobeCS4  AEA18 aFamous airblaster503...
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    Info on Dade County FL

    What that place be like? This year we are working with the Habitat for Humanity group in Miami and i was wondering how the location is?  Is it hood, a lot of gang violence. I dont want my volunteers getting shot at, like when we went to Laredo TX last year. 
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    Little girl dancing with bears Vol. #swag.

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    Grindtime Vol. Is that homeboy?

    Was watching grindtime and noticed one of the dudes i went to high school was spitting fire. Sir Locksley They robbed him of that win. dudes crazy nice. Boston 
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    Living up to my SN Vol. feelsbatman

    I hate these kinds of thread, but i just wanted to get it off my chest. So my Girlfriend and I just had our one year on Monday. I literally changed a ton about myself for her. The beginning of the relationship i was more like yeah whatever you wanna chill then come over. "tough guy mentality"...
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    When did you stop growing

    Im at the point where idk if i will grow anymore. This is not another penis thread. But in terms of height and facial hair. Did anyone grow in their mid to late 20's.  I'm 21 and
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    Girls i would Simp for Vol. INS

    bought the CD because i fell in love. [/spoiler]
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    Is Clingy frightening to anyone Vol Gimme my space.

    Does anyone else hate clingy people. I need my space, i grew up as the one man wolf pack. I think better and feel better when i am alone. If I'm with someone for a long time they become annoying to me and i want to kill them.
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    Is anyone else just average at everything.

    I have had this feeling lately that my whole life has just been average. Like almost every aspect of it. Anyone knows a way out of this?
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    Good summer song Vol.Caliph

    My dude is heavy grinding and coming out with a really good sound. Dudes based out of Mass. Check him out
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