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  1. la kb24

    I Had A Footlocker Interview

    What's up NT fam, I had a interview this past monday, I thought it went well. The guy said he will mention me in a meeting he will haveTuesday and they will give me a call back if interested. I haven't gotten a call back yet. Ppl say within that week they should call or two. Should I just give...
  2. la kb24

    Hernia Treatment?

    okay guys, I feel like I have a hernia, this happen while I was playing ball and I also do life weights 5 days a week. I had the pain come and go since Wednesday, it comes when I use some kind of force or heavy strength when I lift. is there any special treatment you guys know of, besides...
  3. la kb24

    HELP!! I Have Laryngitis

    ok i have laryngitis....i never experienced this before doctor told me i have it...he said it goes away on its own and thats it any advice to those whole had it before so that i can get better ASAP...thanks NT
  4. la kb24

    Info on these Jackets??

    i dont want that exact one but where can i get those type of nike jackets and what are they called? thanks!
  5. la kb24

    What Did You Cop in February??

    ok so you all know i made a thread about this last month saying what did you plan to get in February now i want to see if you really got what you guys wrote down in your list i had that i will get cements 4s, cloaks , Kobe...
  6. la kb24

    Sony Extra Bass Headphones Good??

    are these any good?? i know their is a headphone thread but i couldnt find it and i thougtht i would get more replys doing this.
  7. la kb24

    What Will You Cop This Month???(February)

    okay with so many shoes coming out this month what do you plan to get??? nike and jordans nike and jb are killing us with this month!! i know the foams and other stuff came out so if you got those put that on your list too so we know at total of what you got and plan to get this month 1. i...
  8. la kb24

    Help, Need Protection for Injured Finger

    I hurt my finger 2months ago playing ball, its my index finger and every since my finger has been really sore, hurts when i move it to the side and my finger hasnt been strong like it used too so i still play basketball but i want to know what could i use to protect my finger? the injury is in...
  9. la kb24

    Your Top 5 Nike Pick Up's of the Year???

     same as i did in the jordan thread. but this includes nike retros also, pick your 5 fav NIKE picks ups that you got this year(includes ebay trade etc) my list sucks didnt get to many this year, just kobes lol 1. kobe vi asg 2. kobe vii xmas 3. nike huarche 2012 high free sole 4. nike free...
  10. la kb24

    Your Jordan Pick Up Of The Year??

    now that they year is ending, what is your jordan pick up of the year? this includes retro releases that came out this year and any ebay or trades etc you did to get your shoe this year. Pretty much any jordan you got this year that is your favorite out of all the jordans you got this year for...
  11. la kb24

    Rotator Cuff pain and need exercises treatment Help

    i think i may have injured my rotator cuff and im looking for some good exercises for treatment...i have pain but its not like crazy pain and i do weight lift 3 days a week and plus i sleep on the injured arm on the side (i have bad sleeping postures) so im sure thats what my have caused this...
  12. la kb24

    Is Everyone On Niketalk a Sneakerhead??

    just wondering because there are so many people in here that i have not seen in the nike and jordan thread etc
  13. la kb24


    ���  � � song is amazing!! imo his top 5 �� "they tell me am i lost cuz im lonely, i thought i had friends but in the end a N**** dies lonely well done video also �� *edit*
  14. la kb24

    Your Formula for Success????

    ok so my teacher gave us a topic to write about what is our formula for success in life? example is albert einstein.. Success= work + play + keeping your mouth shut mine would be success= failure+ hard work + happiness - doubters thougth it was a cool topic and wanted to know what would our...
  15. la kb24

    Need Help NT!!!! with my speech class

    ok im doing a debate for my speech class and my topic is on abortion. im on the side that it is good and should still be llegal.. but im looking up info and its hard to defend my case i need at least 3 main points to talk about that it is good. what could i say??? need your help guys. thanks
  16. la kb24

    Ludacris - Sex Faces feat Lil Wayne & Trey Songz..(RUIN CLASSIC)

    link to the song - i like the orignal waayy better, they ruin a good classic song imo...trey songz sounds horrible in this song Scarface - F*** Faces is 100 times better....
  17. la kb24

    DJ Khaled Sneaker Collection Video

    video of dj khaled shoe collection what are your thoughts on his collection in this video guys? Also do you guys think celebrities have step their sneaker game up from the past years? to me kanye, chris brown, j cole and wale have fresh kicks its funny to me how he doesnt even know some of...
  18. la kb24

    World Heavyweight Championship Belt Question???

    this may sound silly but who has the world heavyweight belt?? ok i been wanting to buy the world heavyweight for awhile now and i go to and they have the belt i want but with different prices...they are the replica belts and i see pricing from 260 290 they all look seem the same what...
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