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  1. matters7

    Shanghai 5 LC

    Hey guys needs a LC. I'm not sure where too look with these
  2. matters7

    Alcohol dosent cause weight gain

    After hearing from people about diets and weight gain from alcohol on the TV etc I decided to look into it. And came to the conclusion that alcohol itself dosent cause any weight gain. How I came to this conclusion was, I have been drinking alcohol for over 10years and when I drink (which is...
  3. matters7

    Anyone gonna be in Ireland in July?

    Going too Ireland/UK/Amsterdam in that order by myself from 22nd July till 5th August. I got friends and family in UK and Amsterdam but Ireland no one I know, which is cool. But thought id see if any NT'rs will be there at the same time and wanna link up for a beer or 10?
  4. matters7

    Advice of Amsterdam Trip

    Hey guys, Looking for any advice re a trip too Amsterdam. Looking at going later this year, mainly too enjoy the café life ;-). And see some sights ofcourse but mainly just enjoy the freedom. Any particular tours that focus mainly on cafe's and the hemp life over there? Most I see visit cafes...
  5. matters7

    Tips of travelling USA for a Aussie.

    Hey fam, Im in the process of working out my trip too USA and after any tips or suggestions. Theres a few ppl in each state from the sneaker community ill be with for some days, and the rest on tours or just exploring the citys by myself meeting locals etc. Im planning on visiting LA, Vegas...
  6. matters7

    OG Jordan X Direction of the Jumpman wrong?

    Got a question. I own a pair of OG powder x's and have for a while, my mate recently picked up a pair and we noticed 1 difference. On my pair at the heel both my jumpman are facing too the left, like ogs. His has the left facing too the right and on the right shoe the jumpman is facing the left...
  7. matters7

    Advice Re: Recieved wrong Sz Shoe, Paypal Claim

    Hey guys, Need some advice to avoid further funny business. I paid and recieved a pair of DB9's after a long hunt. Then too check the both and shoe and he sent me a US13 and the PayPal invoice and chats were for a Size 12. I didnt get a pic of the tag pre sale but his add and pay pal invoice...
  8. matters7

    5 J's that you think Should Retro and 5 J's that you think shouldnt retro.

    With JB retroing at a excessive rate latly. I feel theres some that shouldnt retro anytime soon too keep the hunt for them "grails" alive which is half the fun almost in my opinion. And then theres some that really need too retro so they can be enjoyed by those that missed or wernt around when...
  9. matters7

    Advice for Beginner DSLR Buyer

    Hi guys, Looking for some help. Im looking at buying a DSLR Camera and have Slimmed it down to the CANON 600D but im stuck on should i or do i need the twin lens kit? It adds a fair bit more too the price but if its worth it il do it. The only reason im buying it is for taking pics of sneakers...
  10. matters7

    Help! Regarding Paypal Dispute as the Seller

    Hey guys, Hoping to pick some of your brains and get some help with a situation i have with a buyer on Paypal at the moment. Any help or tips would be great as this is the first time out of over 50 sales iv had a dispute raised against me. Situation is below: I listed a pair of Deadstock OG He...
  11. matters7

    Tip's of Travelling from Australia too AZ, CA, Vegas

    Sup Fam, Looking at heading over to the States end of this year/start of 2014 and looking for tips on my travel any help appreciated as never been and will be travelling by myself. I have a dude in Scottsdale Arizona who said i can stay with him whilst im in AZ, which is one place i cannot...
  12. matters7

    Name a Sample you wish released that didnt

    What's a sample you have seen and that JB never released to the public that you really wish was released to the public? Provide pictures, im sure we all have a few, and would love to see some we may not have seen before as well. These V's are 1 of many i wish did
  13. matters7

    Favourite Xmas Movie's?

    With Christmas around the corner, the Xmas movies are gonna start flooding our screens at home and the cinemas soon. This got me thinking in a bored minute i had, what was everyones favourite Xmas movie's? Theres a few for me, mainly relating to what i watched on repeat back as a kid. Too name a...
  14. matters7

    B Grade BIN's question

    Sorry if in the wrong forum feel free too move it. Just was thinking and seen a fair few b grade BIN's especially, the BIN 9's. Was really curious if anyone knows if the B Grades are numbered like the A grade's and if so does that mean they outta 2,000 odd there a % of them that are B grades...
  15. matters7

    P/C BHM Jordan 3's DS!

    Hey guys, Stumbled accross a pair of BHM J3's DS in my Size after giving up hope of ever find a pair due to the limitedness of them. (3,000 pairs made yeh?) Wondering if anyone here can give me a amount over retail thats worth paying for these joints please as i have no idea since i missed on...
  16. matters7

    Price check Raging Bull pack and CDP 20/3 Pack

    Both are DS Size 12, my size. Whats a good price for both combined? Found a guy selling them both and wanna offer a combined amount. (bare in mind im in Australia and so is the seller)thanks
  17. matters7

    Royal 1's for Bin 13's - Trade Check

    I got a single pair of Royal's which i love to Death, still DS. My mate has offered to trade me his BIN 13's for them DS also. I think id be stupid to say no even though id be immediatley looking to buy royals if i did the trade (and probaly wont find em unless i wanna pay stupid prices)
  18. matters7

    Lunar Force 1 Run Big?

    I picked up Area 72 lunars are there huge! Imma 11.5 to 12 in jordans and these lunars are a size 12 and are closer to a 13! I put em next too my normal af1's and my 11.5 is a fair bit smaller than the lunar sz 12. I need to sell this pair and am hunting down a pair in my size. Should i go 11 or...
  19. matters7

    Legit Check on Ray Allen 13's

  20. matters7

    Price Check Ray Allen XIII's DS Size 12

    I found a pair down here (Australia) Guy offered to sell me them for $550 DS. Just wondering if thats a price i should pay? I missed this release completley and its one of just a few im missing for my 13's collection. Price im unsure, ebay has different amounts all of the joint. Thanks in advance
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