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  1. rashi

    Breaking News: Bradley Manning ACQUITTED of "Aiding the Enemy". Hero :hat :hat

    No ****. Why? Because there isnt an "enemy".
  2. rashi

    Anyone see this? Hidden camera of gay couple in Texas?

    :hat to the people who spoke up against hate.
  3. rashi

    When will the President grow a pair?

    I want to see some real changes. Never mind the continued raping of our civil rights with the use of drones, because we all know it is for our protection. I'm talking about real change. I heard him talk about raising the minimum wage to $9.00 last night, but why stop there? Why not raise it to...
  4. rashi

    Saw the "The House I Live In" Doc. produced by Russell Simmons over the weekend.

    Very nicely done Documentary on the "War on Drugs". Went into detail on the suppression of human rights, how the Law Enforcement Agencies make money, and how corporations make money as well. Worth checking out.
  5. rashi

    Need a job? is hiring 50,000 seasonal workers.

    Also, I've heard that Macy's is hiring 80,000 for the season, Toys-R-Us is hiring 50,000, and Wal-Mart is hiring 50,000.
  6. rashi

    This is great. TSA degenerate caught stealing iPAD by ABC News.

    How are you going to throw your wife under the bus, though? :rollin
  7. rashi

    Lupe vs Roland Martin and DL Hughley feud

    Apparently the latter two opinion shapers are upset with Lupe. For those who do not know, Lupe is against voting (there is a message behind this) and Roland and DL don't seem to understand it. DL said this: We all know the messages behind Lupe's music, and it's apparent the DL doesn't...
  8. rashi

    Genetically Modified foods are awesommmmmme!!!

  9. rashi

    Oh those conspiracy theorists at the Huffington Post...

    For those who do not know. A few U.S. Diplomats were killed over the past couple of days in repsonse to a Zionist film maker that depicted Mohammed in a deragatory way, similar to the cartoons a few years back. Well, obviously and justifiably so, people of the Islamic faith got pissed...
  10. rashi

    So a friend of mine is facing 21 years in prison...UPDATE: Convicted on all 3 counts, will serve 90

    Ok, so my friend Adam "Ademo" and Pete started a website LibertyOnTour, where they traveled around the country in "Marv", the RV they were using to travel around the country to promote ideas of a voluntary society and police brutality activism. Then, they started a website called
  11. rashi

    Gore Vidal - RIP.

    ::::Tips hat::::
  12. rashi

    ObamaCare upheld.

  13. rashi

    Question about the non-approved use of Grey tinted/Mirrored eye shields for football helmets.

    Over the weekend I was helping out with student physicals, and one of the kids had a very legitimate eye condition. He was at practice later on in the afternoon with the tinted visor, the coach told the kid to change it, but due to the fact of his eye condition he can't. Now he has to write...
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