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  1. J A M E S

    How To Grow Old Gracefully As A Rap Fan - Late 20s / 30+, This Is For You. Yesterday, I came across a thought provoking article by The Smoking Section's own @John Gotty, and immediately thought of NT, given the broad range of hip hop "generations" that make up our membership. I figured that this might...
  2. J A M E S

    "I'm Qutting Rap" - Indie Artists/Producers, What Are Your Thoughts On This? The back story posts: For anyone who is...
  3. J A M E S

    Webmasters - Domain Masking Question

    Gents (and ladies?), I have a question about domain masking and subfolders/subdirectories, and was hoping that someone here would be able to guide me down the right path. Currently, I am paying for two different webhosting plans with unlimited storage and data transfer, but I'd like to cut that...
  4. J A M E S


    A couple of the good fellas who frequent the beatmaking & production thread decided that we would initiate an online "contest" among the group to see who could cook up the best instrumental between us. We've already decided on one record/sample that we will be basing our individual tracks on...
  5. J A M E S

    Ka, The 40 Year Old MC From Brooklyn, NY. Too Old?

    This morning I came across a feature on about Ka, a 40-year old MC from Brownsville. The article outlined the story of a man passionate about his art, and his craft, and though I can't say that I'm the biggest fan of his music, I can't deny its quality, and it made me mull over the...
  6. J A M E S

    New Independent Hip-Hop: JAMES WATTS - "Good/Grief" EP (Free Download/Stream)

    NT Fam - I just wanted to take a minute to share something that I have been working on over the last few months - today I have the privilege of releasing my first recorded project in some time with the good people at "Good/Grief" is a self-produced 6-song extended player...
  7. J A M E S


    It remember on the old version of NT it was stickied - I tried searching, but nothing came up - what happened to it? If this gets a fair amount of responses, I figure I'll change the title and we'll get it going again.
  8. J A M E S

    NT: Going To DR In 3 Days - Help Me With My Experience

    Like the title says... First time headed down there, Punta Cana to be exact. I'm going with my girl (vol. no plans to pay for it) - any tips/suggestions? All of your input is appreciated...
  9. J A M E S

    J.A.M.E.S. WATTS

    Just realized I was coming up on my 100th post today, so I figured I'd post something a little more personal - always been aware that there's a ton of dope independent artists on NT, so I wanted to throw my hat in the ring and share some of my music & videos. I used to kick around the boards a...
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