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  1. kevlar shrimp

    Morning Motivation Music

    Only song that's needed
  2. kevlar shrimp

    No Black Person Is Ugly - Lil B

    This is right up Brandon's lane  haven't heard a good song from him in awhile tho. This is beautiful.
  3. kevlar shrimp

    would you let your significant other go to the movies alone with the opposite sex

    Ya'll are all missing OP's point. There's no Tyrone in the equation. 
  4. kevlar shrimp

    PARTYNEXTDOOR ~ OMO Thread Official

    Production is A1 This project feels like a snack, wonder if he can deliver a full course meal
  5. kevlar shrimp

    PARTYNEXTDOOR ~ OMO Thread Official

    Belong To The City is way too short 
  6. kevlar shrimp

    The Question of all Questions

  7. kevlar shrimp

    Thoughts on random females/exes hitting you up out of the blue for sex?

    Maybe she saw you post a pic on instagram and she got thirsty  I get highly suspicious when a chick I haven't spoken to in 2 years hits me up, but 6-7 years? nah b something smells like salmon  all that talk about homebody, close to fam... would have to me thinking she's trying to embrace the...
  8. kevlar shrimp

    PARTYNEXTDOOR ~ OMO Thread Official

    Just got home from court. This is exactly the news I needed to hear.
  9. kevlar shrimp

    Girl with a Jordan tatoo

    She'll let me ice the cake off the strength of my XI's
  10. kevlar shrimp

    bros. help me indentify this twerk video

    Good looks my guy. Never thought I'd watch that video again. The way those puppies sit so perfectly in that hoody. She's the Bonnie type too.
  11. kevlar shrimp

    bros. help me indentify this twerk video

    DAMN that culo has a life on it's own There was a video I've seen over 6 years ago She was wearing grey sweats and was in an outdoor hallway letting that thang shake all lu****lly It was marvelous If anyone has any info on it, contact me
  12. kevlar shrimp

    2014 NBA Off-Season; Paul George suffers a double-compund-fracture, likely out for season. Speedy re

    I'm a Bulls fan but don't live in the Chi. Grew up a fan cause my dad, who's been one since he lived in DR.
  13. kevlar shrimp

    Bulls offseason Thread

    Not too excited for this Gasol signing. Haven't watched Laker basketball in years but how much of an upgrade is he from Booz 
  14. kevlar shrimp

    NBA LIVE 15: PS$ and XB1 released

    I remember in the early 2000s when 2K's gameplay was so bad. It was sluggish and stiff.  They just kept throwing AI on the cover in different jerseys Times have changed
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