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    $50 to spend in iTunes

    Allright NT - give me your suggestions. My taste ranges from jam bands to ig'nant rap sh-t. I'm a rabid music fan that has lost his way the past 2-3 years. What are some musts?
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    Anyone here travel to India?

    Going solo to Mumbai and Delhi for business in Sept., it will be my first time there I've traveled a lot but this latest bombing in India has me shook. Maybe because I have a wife pregnant with our first child due at the end of Oct. I am considering telling my work to cancel it. Anyone ever...
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    Cool or fruity like Rollerblading?

    Cool Slackline Stunt Competition - Watch more Funny Videos
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    Question for those familiar with Adobe CS5 and previous CS versions.

    I have CS3 design premium installed on 2 computers, both of them are able to use the same license at the same time (2 people working at same time). Has this policy changed with CS5? I am reading that you can still have it installed on 2 computers but only 1 will work at a time. Is there...
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    Thanks for all the advice. LOCK IT UP.

    Thanks for the advice everyone. I did not buy the card.
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    Throwback video LULZ remember this!

    And I still don't find it funny.
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    F a Snuggie. I'm rockin' a One Piece.

    I can't even front. I want one of these.
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    Help me choose an SUV or Crossover NT!

    I know next to nothing about cars, been driving beaters my whole life. Want to get a CPO SUV or Crossover in the 25k range. I can't justify buying new. Looking for something that is going to break me out of my practical/economical mindset that has kept me in boring sedans my whole life...
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    Anyone ever try Plasti Dip?

    I was toying with the idea of taking a pair of AF1's I have and creating a waterproof "duck boot" AF1 using a product called Plasti Dip. Anyone have experience with it?
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    What to do in St. Louis?

    I'll be there next week for a few days. Is there anything interesting to do see. How about a regional delicacy or places to eat?
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    America's 10 Most Miserable Cities @ Chicago.
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    Help me with a colorway!

    Long story short, I won a pair of either Converse Pro 76 Lo or Converse Pro 76 Hi's Having trouble coming up with an interesting colorway and thought the artists here could give me a fresh perspective. Not looking for anything too white or too wild. Lets see what you got...
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    What to do in Aptos, California?

    Anyone familiar with the area? My wife and I have a wedding to attend out there so we'll be in town for a few days. Anyone got any tips on what to do or where to go? Thanks! BOOMIN' LIKE A SPEAKER WITH MY HUNDRED DOLLAR SNEAKERS...
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