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  1. spidermang

    Name a Song With 2+ Artists and No Bad Verses

    I have no idea to embed videos but here's one IMO: International Players Anthem - UGK/Outkast
  2. spidermang

    What are some ways you save money? Vol. 373821326894423

    Times are tough these days, so what do you do to save a few bucks? Me: - I'm pretty anti-social anyways so I don't go out to bars/clubs - Prepaid phone - Try to ride my bike to work everyday (2 miles = nothing) - Pack lunch everyday for work - Cook most of my meals
  3. spidermang

    Post the last stupid thing you did

     and then went to my company picnic. I thought it would of made the picnic more enjoyable but it was boooorrring. Talked to some people, ate a few burgers, left an hour later. You?
  4. spidermang

    Products You Will Never Buy Again

    What are some things you'll never buy again? I'll never buy black Hane's socks again, ever. I bought a pack and all of them ended up tearing in the achille's heel area within a couple of weeks
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