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  1. vikdakid23

    Yeezy 350 Beluga 1.0 Legit Check

    could you guys tell me if these are legit? Dude said worn 3-4 times and wants $450
  2. vikdakid23

    UPDATED WITH BETTER PICS -- Nike SF Af1 Olive Legit Check--

    I'm usually good at telling fakes and I can't tell if these are but I am leaning towards fake can you guys please help? Dude has 100% positive feedback and in the pp invoice he sent me he says they are 100% authentic but these look off
  3. vikdakid23

    FT- DS YEEZY BOOST 350 PB SZ 10.5 (SIZE SWAP FOR 8 / 8.5 / 9) WILL ADD CASH!!

    WILL ADD CASH!! Looking to trade these DS Yeezy Boost 350 sz 10.5 for an 8 or 8.5 or 9. 100% authentic and comes with receipt from Eblens. PM for any questions or for more pictures.
  4. vikdakid23

    Price Check: DS Spacejams from 2000

    Seller wants 375 shipped .. what do you guys think?
  5. vikdakid23

    Price/Legit Check: Jordan XIV White Columbia Blue

    Def know they're legit .. How much would you pay? Comes with original box and They were worn once by the seller .. Also would these crumble / crack if i wear them?
  6. vikdakid23

    Jordan Ginger XVI Legit / Price Check

    Dude wore them once .. Couple pics he sent me and one from his instagram Legit? If so how much should i pay?
  7. vikdakid23

    LeBron 9 South Beach Legit / Price Check

    Dude said he wore them around 5 times .. Some pics he sent me and one from his instagram Legit? If so how much should i pay?
  8. vikdakid23

    Going to Vegas this weekend .. Any recommendations?

    Goin to Vegas this weekend .. Any tips or recommendations?
  9. vikdakid23

    FS/FT: Cool Grey XIs x White Cement IIIs x True Blue IIIs x Playoff XIIs x Chicago VIs x MORE!

    -Refs: See sig below. -Contact: Email preferred at -Location: Orlando, FL. -Shipping: Via USPS Priority Mail single-boxed with delivery confirmation. US only. -Payment: Paypal. (Money order and cash at own risk.) -Trades considered but i never ship first. Size 7-8.5...
  10. vikdakid23

    Has American society made progress towards the discrimination of African Americans??

    Just one of the topics in my African American History class and I was wondering what others think about this topic .. 
  11. vikdakid23

    NDS Black/Red XIII's 04 retro for 160?

    Like the title says... they still have both the jordan logos on the insoles so i would say they're pretty fresh... came with the box and retro card... ialready bought them but i wanna kno if i gott a deal or did i get got?
  12. vikdakid23

    Car Audio Heads... Which Amp For My Type R's?

    im trying to figure out which one of these would be the best amp to get for these subs.... *EDIT* oh yea... they are dual voice coil 4 ohm 12 " subs COULD GET THIS AMP FOR 330 BRAND NEW from best buy... ROckford Fosgate P1000-1BD...
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