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  1. wada7

    Common - Ghetto Dreams feat. Nas I believe this was supposed to drop last week, but tonight Nas released it via Twitter
  2. wada7

    kanYe West - Mama's Boyfriend (Possibly Fake)

    apparently not finished, but good enough for now UPDATE Apparently the beat is fake Official statement from kanYe via Rap Radar
  3. wada7

    Coachella 2011 Official Lineup - Kings of Leon, Arcade Fire, kanYe & The Strokes headlining

    didn't see this posted yet, but delete if it already has
  4. wada7

    Kanye West x Jay-Z “H.A.M.â€
  5. wada7

    Child Rebel Soldier [kanye, lupe, pharrell] - Don't Stop

    Child Rebel Soldier - Don't Stop! updated with new cleaner mix from kanYe
  6. wada7

    Kanye performs new songs at Facebook HQ Videos

    kanye performed a couple new songs today at the Facebook HQ in Palo Alto, obviously one of the songs in Chain Heavy from that rumored tracklist
  7. wada7

    Wale @ Stanford May 16th FREE!

    i'll probably check this out since its free, and stanford is only like 15 mins away for me anyone else going?
  8. wada7

    [Official Little Brother - LeftBack Thread] Drops on 4/20 | New Single "Curtain Call"

    The fourth and final album from Little Brother will drop on April 20, 2010.
  9. wada7

    Sports Theme Music

    kind of random, but the hat store hall of fame has a new website and they hadthe theme songs for almost all the sports on tv i put them in a .zip so you can download them [download] NFL on Fox NBA on TNT NBA on FSN NBA on ESPN [03-06] Chicago Bulls Opening Theme NBA - 1987 MLB on Fox...
  10. wada7

    Nike Future Sole Entries Thread

    EDIT i read what c2 posted so i jus decided to take them down
  11. wada7

    spots in phoenix?

    i'm heading out to phoenix next week, any spots i should check out? thanks
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