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  1. space jam xi

    Nike Snowboarding boots and gear

    Does anyone own the Lunarendor? If so, how does it fit and is it worth the $400? Anyone know of any places to get these on the cheap?
  2. space jam xi

    Made in America Fest - Philly

    I'm coming up next week, but haven't gotten a hotel yet. Any recommendations on places to stay for the budget conscious? Thanks
  3. space jam xi


    I want a pair of cheap basketball shoes to ball in. They have to be DS or worn a max of 5 times. I don't want to pay much, so if there's a shoe you're looking to get rid of, please let me know. I'll pay up to $70 shipped, but would like to pay much less than that. I can do a local meet up...
  4. space jam xi

    How to get out of debt? vol. MC Hammer

    So, I'm in a ton of credit card debt.  I've been unemployed for nearly a year, and I have been dead broke.   Today, I got an affidavit to appear in court for one of my credit cards.   Has anybody tried a consolidation plan?   Any idea if those work? Will this debt effect a security clearance...
  5. space jam xi

    Passin Out Money - Chip Tha Ripper: Sample Question

    Song bumps, and I can't find the sample anywhere.   Figured NT would know. TY! Sample is at 55 seconds
  6. space jam xi

    How to obtain a security clearance?

    Long story short, I'm unemployed and roughly half of the jobs I look for online require some type of security clearance.    Any idea of what would be the best way of getting sponsored by any type of company in the DMV?   I'm willing to start from the bottom, yet again, but am finding trouble...
  7. space jam xi

    I need help finding a gif of women fighting

    The gif has to be women scrappin and going at it.   Ty in advance. And yes, I googled and couldn't find anything.  ugh.
  8. space jam xi

    Importing Silver from Canada to the US - Duties/Customs Fees?

    If I'm importing  20 ounces (~$800) from Canada to the US, will I have to pay and customs taxes?   Any idea how much?   Thanks!
  9. space jam xi

    Heads up NT. Groupon: Get $50 worth of credit for $25 at Shoebacca $25 $25 for $50 Worth of Shoes, Accessories, and Apparel from Shoebacca.comThey have a bunch of shoes and other stuff.   Pretty good deal as you...
  10. space jam xi

    NT: I NEED YOUR HELP! Please Vote for "Pho Gourmet"!...ONE HOUR LEFT!

    Hey all.   My friend is in a "Pho Competition" and needs some votes for his restaurant.   It's neck and neck right now, so all of your votes could really help him out . You don't have to register or anything and it only takes 15 seconds. Please go to:
  11. space jam xi

    How can I be in a TV commercial

    Anybody ever been in one?   I don't wanna do this for a living.   I just want to be in a TV commercial.   Either nationally or local commercial.
  12. space jam xi

    Katsucon at the gaylord

    So my roommate works at the Gaylord and said there's some type of like convention goin on there.   I looked it up online,,  and it's bunch of weirdos.  The real question is, do these girls get down like that?   I mean i've never been, but from the pics i've seen it looks...
  13. space jam xi

    Anybody know what happened to hip hop update?

    I check there like everyday and I know the guys who run it are a part of NT. Hope it isn't gone.
  14. space jam xi

    Heads up: Friday May 29th Wale on Last Call With Carson Daly

    Was scrolling through to see who was gonna be on the Jay Leno finale and scrolled over to see Wale. National TV is always a good look. Gonna hit that on thetivo also.
  15. space jam xi

    Cheap flight to vegas?

    Any sites really good fares for like next week? Spur of the moment thing. I'm getting the itch. Help me out DMV. Ty
  16. space jam xi

    Unemployment. Sigh. Worst year for jobs since '45Annual loss biggest since end of World War II. Unemployment rate rises to 7.2%. By David Goldman, staff writer Last Updated: January 9, 2009: 12:11 PM ET NEW YORK ( -- The hemorrhaging...
  17. space jam xi

    What the %%#! happened to smooth jazz 105.9

    I was listening to it at work this morning and this afternoon it's replace by some oldies station. No clue what I'm gonna listen to at work anymore. RIP smooth jazz 105.9
  18. space jam xi

    I've been in this game for years...

    it made me an animal...yeah about 6-7 years. It may sound cliche, but these are simply shoes I like. These are just the DS pairs minus the blk/red xis,splatter dunks, and iv's. No newjack stuff, we're talkin around 03 or older. Figure stuff like FP2 TBs aren't posted much so enjoy. Btw...
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