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  1. nks329

    LC Travis Scott 1

    wasup NT can i get a legit check on these? Thanks!
  2. nks329

    Travis Scott 1 Legit Check

    Hey NT need a legit check on these travis scott 1.
  3. nks329

    Air jordan royal 1 legit check

    Ok i found another pair of royals for a decent price for me. The shoes looks on point to me. But i need some second opinons. Please help if you can thanks in advance...
  4. nks329

    LC Royal 1 help

    Nt are these legit???? Thanks...
  5. nks329

    Royal 1 legit check

    Hey guys i need some help looking to buy these but i want to make sure its legit. Can anyone please help me confirm. Thanks a bunch.
  6. nks329

    LC Air Jordan Royal 1?

    Hey NT in need of some help. Looking to buy these but need some help. Legit??? Thanks!
  7. nks329

    Legit Check air jordan royal 1

    Can anyone confirm rather these are legit or not? Thanks...
  8. nks329

    Legit check nike air yeezy

    Legit or not?
  9. nks329

    Air Jordan Royal 1 Legit CHECK

    hey NT im looking to buy these air jordan royal 1's. just want to make sure these are authentic and LEGIT! thanks in advance...
  10. nks329

    MY SOLE ig page: Mysole hey do anyone know if this websites sale LEGIT SHOES OR FAKE? any info would be great! thanks!
  11. nks329

    Legit check/price check 2000 concord xi

    Need some help here. Legit check/price check on these 2000 concord xi.
  12. nks329

    Air jordan price check

    All size 9 ds condition Thanks sorry for double post
  13. nks329

    Price check air jordan French blue 7 size 9 ds

    Whats the going price for a ds pair of french blue vii ds?
  14. nks329

    Legeit Check on aj DB4 nt member know if this seller is legit? also is the shoes legit? thanks.
  15. nks329

    AJ XI Columbia price check

    What are the value on these?
  16. nks329

    Air Jordan XI Columbians Price Check/DEAD STOCK Check

    Hey niketalk whats the going price for a pair of DS Columbians XI? the size is 9.5 and they are suppose to be DS. can u post pix in here?
  17. nks329

    Orlando, Florida Walt Disney

    Hey niketalks, I am planning a family trip in orlando Florida in early Decemeber of this year. i was wondering if anyone out this way can give me some pointers?the family trip is to go to Disney World. if anyone here knows which hotels do you guys prefer or recommend? i would like a location...
  18. nks329


    is this site legit?
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