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  1. rocketsfan

    WTB: Nike x UNDFTD Bring Back Dunk High 11.5

    Wanted: Nike x Undefeated Ballistic Dunk High "Bring Back 2003" Size 11.5 (or 11) DS or worn once Please PM for fastest response
  2. rocketsfan

    Mike Will - Est in 1989 Pt 2 Mixtape

    So Mike Will dropped a track with Gucci and Waka from his new mixtape.....the beat is STUPID. Looking forward to this...
  3. rocketsfan

    Red River Shootout: OU v Texas

    Where my Texas Longhorns NTers at???? We're definitely the underdogs, but we actually have a shot if we can hang...
  4. rocketsfan

    50 Sneaker Facts You Didn't Know

    Another list from Complex, but I thought they did a great job with this one... They even got the Jacob the Jeweler x Reebok AI Question on there!   What yall think? Link here: 50 Sneaker Facts You Didn't Know
  5. rocketsfan

    Nike Air Footscape Woven Chukka Motion - Leopard 11K

    Anyone know if these are dropping in the states?  I know a few stores that had a chance to order them, but still not sure if they're gonna hit the US...
  6. rocketsfan

    Complex at it again - the best 50 Dunk SBs Here they go again.  I can see how this is going to rile some people up... Top 10 was pretty cool to me - wish I saw the Flash and the Sharks in there
  7. rocketsfan

    Anyone ever consign with Flight Club?

    I'm sure there's already a thread for this, but I couldn't find any doing a couple quick searches... I'm thinking about sending them a couple pairs to sell.  Any advice on FCNY consignment from NTers would be much appreciated or a link re-direct.  Thanks in advance.
  8. rocketsfan

    Novel - Suspended Animation Mixtape

    Not sure if there's a thread about this, but I just copped this and it is JAMMIN. A few of the songs are old like "song Cry II" and the Kid Cudicover, but the dude is mad soulful.
  9. rocketsfan

    Anyone in TDot wanna help out?

    Livestrong Air Maxes drop at Goodfoot Richmond - any help would be much appreciated - thanks in advance
  10. rocketsfan

    Air Jordan DMP 1 Retro High on PYS

    not sure if its been posted but the 60+ pack is now on PYS for $265....
  11. rocketsfan

    Mowabbs on ShoeTrends

    not sure if this has been posted, but the Mowabbs are up for $80 on ShoeTrends...
  12. rocketsfan

    Funniest commercial ever: Spriggs BBQ

    not sure if this has been posted, but this is one of the livest commercials ive ever seen
  13. rocketsfan

    KAWS 90s on Shoetrends

    Not sure if this has been posted already, but KAWS 90s are on shoetrends...
  14. rocketsfan

    Probably the greatest blog post of all time.

    saw this on nahright....
  15. rocketsfan

    Tweet Genius Twitter app for BlackBerry

    after having so so so so many problems with ubertwitter, twitterberry, and socialscope....tweet genius finally came out - i just downloaded it...WOW lovin this application - definitely worth the $5. props to BGR. sorry in advance if this has already been posted....
  16. rocketsfan

    Air Safari Retro-ing Again This Winter?

    Not sure if my local store owner was trippin, but he said that the Air Safari 87s were supposed to drop again this year? Anyone else hear this? Thx inadvance
  17. rocketsfan

    Eva Mendes Is Still Bangin aka Eva's Greatest Pics

    I don't know what it is, but this Friday is going by super duper slow... Some of my friends front on her - I have to agree that she sometimes looks kinda mannish, but she would still get it in my long as she keeps that upper lip straight...I kid I kid Good to see that Complex gave her...
  18. rocketsfan

    Christina Milian's Greatest Pics

    i always wondered what happened to her - looks like she got a record deal with the dream after they started dating still as always oh my (rest of the pics at
  19. rocketsfan

    Nike Air Max ST comin back..

    not sure if this has been posted but saw these on sneakernews....too lazy to post pics haaa but HELL YEA - i will be stockin these up
  20. rocketsfan

    Megan Fox's Hottest Pics

    this just made my Friday
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