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  1. addict4sneakers

    Mods lock this up

  2. addict4sneakers


    Thoughts Wood
  3. addict4sneakers

    2021 NBA Draft Thread

    Discuss, post mocks, talk out of the side of your neck
  4. addict4sneakers

    R Kelly is still a savage Bruh
  5. addict4sneakers

    Bigge Smalls Day

    Today is the 20th anniversary of his death. I know we have a new generation of NTers, so let's appreciate/ pass on his greatness
  6. addict4sneakers

    Terrell Owens selling heat from his personal collection more in the link
  7. addict4sneakers

    2 Chainz - FreeBase EP

    on livemixtapes. it looks like he's trying to build the buzz back since BOATS 2 wasn't very successful. i'm rocking with tity regardless
  8. addict4sneakers

    No Black History Month Thread?

    I'm trying to learn something NT. School me.
  9. addict4sneakers


    mods delete
  10. addict4sneakers

    10 years ago, Freeway blessed the world

    Classic debut from one of the most underrated rappers of the past decade
  11. addict4sneakers

    Chris Douglas - Roberts "I Am Not a Star" EPISODE 6 MELO PRO WEEK

    episode episode 2 Episode 1 New episode 7-7-14 CDR x NYC
  12. addict4sneakers

    Project Pat - Cheez N Dope MIXTAPE

    :smokin :smokin :smokin :smokin
  13. addict4sneakers

    NEW Joe Budden mixtape - A Loose Quarter

  14. addict4sneakers

    NEW Freeway mixtape - Freedom of Speech

    on datpiff album drops next month :hat
  15. addict4sneakers

    New Smoke DZA mixtape - KONY

    halfway through and its fire
  16. addict4sneakers

    "I'm probably the only person that enjoys this song ___________"

    up late at 4 in the morning and hey, it dawned on me post others
  17. addict4sneakers

    NEW Freeway video "Let You Know"

  18. addict4sneakers

    Mel Kipers of S&T, please watch this video

    this is my 15 year old cousin. my main man is a freshman. thoughts? tips?
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