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  1. anabolic dunk


    NT'ers I need YOUR help.. I'm trying to land this investor but I need to show them that my company, MPboxing, inc. is capable of reaching people worldwide.. Basically, I need to get the views as high as possible for this youtube video.. just watch it for a little bit to get the view count up...
  2. anabolic dunk

    Best Gentlemens Club in Atlantic City?

    forget gentlemens clubs.. VIP massage is the spot to be in AC wen feelin "ya know"
  3. anabolic dunk

    tips for balikbayans?

    hello all, i will be leaving for the philippines in a few days.. going to be staying in manila, makati area for my stay there.. i havent been there in a fewyears so im very anxious and excited.. anybody have any tips or suggestions for a fellow balikbayan coming home for a few to help blend in...
  4. anabolic dunk

    tattoo artists in manila, makati?

    hello.. ill be going back home in mid-may for a few weeks.. while im there im lookin to get a new tattoo, an alibata piece.. anybody have any goodrecomendations for artists in the manila, makati area?
  5. anabolic dunk

    congrats pro mma fighter mark munoz

    Former NCAA national wrestling champion at Oklahoma State, Mark Munoz won his debut fight for WEC this past sunday. Munoz scored an impressive1st round KO over his oppenent Chuck Grigsby improving his record to 4-0.. Always glad to hear another pinoy making it big...
  6. anabolic dunk

    NTers who live on their own?

    Wat was the defining moment that made you realize that you were ready and it was time to move out of your parent's house and live in a place of your own?
  7. anabolic dunk

    nike dri fit pacquiao shirt sizing?

    Hello PI.. I remember there was a topic about this a while ago but couldn't find it.. Anyway lookin to get some pacquiao shirts but not sure on sizing, I'm normally a L in nike shirts but doesn't the dri fit tees run small? So I figured XL would be ok, but the stores are sold out in most sizes...
  8. anabolic dunk

    traditional tattoos?

    after a long time of thinking it over, ive decided i want to get a tattoo to represent my filipino heritage.. as i was doing some researching i came upon, are any of you homeland NT'ers familiar with that group? anybody have any filipino inspired tattoos? etc...
  9. anabolic dunk

    Island Tattoo- Staten Island, NY?

    gettin some new ink done tommorrow @ islandtattoo in SI, .. after researching the artists and lookin @ their portfolios, i booked an appt. with andrey to get some black & grey work done any nt'ers get any work done from there? White/Red-Blk XX1, sz 9 .. "Family" Team...
  10. anabolic dunk

    where to buy asics kinsei in central jersey?

    hello.. need to get another pair of running shoes.. been hearing nothing but great reviews of the kinsei, so i wanna try em out.. anybody know any stores in CNJ area that carries em? White/Red-Blk XX1, sz 9 .. "Family" Team Edition SB, sz 9.5 .. Blk/Baroque-Brown Blazer SB, sz 9.5 (All Shoes...
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