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  1. moe fab

    Beer Opener Tooth Implant

    So i broke my tooth in November, but i been puttin that **** off, but now i been thinkin bout it n i wanna replace it with a beer opener. First, these ****s real right? Sekond, anyone kno where, kuz i been searchin, but ive been sippin, so my skills aint the best right now Last, how much a...
  2. moe fab

    When, Where, n Why?

    If you had the choice of choosing which decade n metropolitan area to spend you young adulthood in, when, where, n why? I can think of a few I would like: LA or Miami in the 80's, NYC in the 70's, San Francisco or Las Vegas in the 60's. What about y'all?
  3. moe fab

    When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong...Video Link in OP

    Link to video:   In b4 angry NYers
  4. moe fab

    21 Images of Where Children Sleep Around the World

    Don't know if this has been posted, so forgive me. Can't embed, so here's the link: The pain in some of the kids' eyes  It really makes you appreciate what...
  5. moe fab

    RIP Cal Worthington

    Dude was one of my heroes. 92 years old. RIP man. A true legend. My SoCal cats you know this man ruled late night commercial spots. Especially during MASH in the 90s.
  6. moe fab

    Panic Attacks

    I noticed a few responses in the Scary Moments Thread, and decided to ask if any other NTers get them? I had one yesterday, and almost had another one today. The first time I had one was about 3 years ago and I thought I was dying. I had to take 2 ceraquils (sp?) in order to fall asleep just to...
  7. moe fab

    CA Insurance Brokers, I need your help

    I have to help my sister pass her Insurance exam in order to get a free tat. However, I'm thinking I might as well take the test since I'm going to learn it anyways. So I want to know: 1) About how much will it cost? 2) What online classes are legit? 3) How long will it take? Thanks.
  8. moe fab

    Kore Skate Shop San Bernardino

    Anybody been there? I'm looking for some Janoskis. What colorways they got? Any info would help.
  9. moe fab


    Anyone know if rechargeable lithium ion AAAs are sold in any stores? I know I can get them online but I wanna see if I can get em when I step out later. Thanks.
  10. moe fab

    Help please

    Can anyone get me an academic book on alcoholism and/or addiction? It's for an English paper. Thanks.
  11. moe fab

    Who wins...

    In a race: Superman or The Flash? In a fight: Bear or Gorilla? Computer hacking: Steve Jobs or Bill Gates? Add others, I have an affinity for hypothetical questions.
  12. moe fab

    These Santa Anas are killin it

    The Santa Ana winds in the LA, IE area are killin it in the foothills and other spots. LAX and several other areas have experienced blackouts. Its supposed to be even windier. Lake Castaic experienced a wind gust of 97MPH. I know to all of the NTers that live in tornado and hurricane prone areas...
  13. moe fab

    Jus sayin'

    Victoria Secret Fashion Show is on CBS right now. *shrugs*
  14. moe fab

    Why are they shutting down the dispensaries?

    Besides election season, anyone know why?
  15. moe fab

    What's your favorite NES/SNES/SEGA game(s)?

    And which ones can't you be seen in? Sega: Mortal Kombat Sports Talk Baseball Cyborg Justice Streets of Rage Terminator 2 NES: Super Mario 3 Duck Hunt Legend of Zelda SNES: Ken Griffey Baseball Super Mario Kart Super Mario World
  16. moe fab


    I was smokin with my homie, gettin ready to walk to the bus stop to go to school, when all of a sudden POW...POW. What the F_! Who's blastin at 8 in the mornin. Now I gotta chill and wait for it to cool down.
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