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  1. doitallpaul

    Human Race Yellow Adidas Legit Check

    Can I please get a legit check on these ? Thanks!
  2. doitallpaul

    What was your inspiration for choosing your username?

    I've always notice some unique/awesome usernames and wondered the reasoning as to why you selected it. I picked DoItAllPaul after Syracuse basketball player Paul Harris, even though my name is Scott :lol. He was for a little while a solid all around player.
  3. doitallpaul

    2014 NBA Draft Thread

    The NBA season had begun a few weeks ago and the NCAA is already under way. I haven't seen an official draft thread for 2014. I know the NFL has a thread so let's get this started. Top Players: Wiggins Parker Randle Smart Gordon As everyone knows the motto has been Tank for Wiggins but is he...
  4. doitallpaul

    Small Island Emerges After Huge Pakistan Earthquake A small island has emerged off the southern coast of Pakistan after a 7.7 magnitude earthquake struck the country. Reuters reports that "a crowd of bewildered people [gathered] on the shore to witness the...
  5. doitallpaul

    Liam Hemsworth with the biggest win of all time?

    Dude dropped Miley after calling off the engagement, amidst her exposure of truly being disgusting. Next night he's hitting up the club and leaving with this dime piece. Eiza Gonzales, 23 year old singer/actress from Mexico.
  6. doitallpaul

    If you could have one team/individual win a major championship who would it be?

    Just curious as to who people would pick to celebrate winning a championship. I'd go with the Oklahoma Sooners in college football.
  7. doitallpaul

    Why is there such a big discrepancy between a teams home and away statistics?

    Always wondered why teams home records and percentages were always that much lower than that of the away records. The courts, fields, rinks are all the same and most of the time the fans aren't even into the game minus the playoffs. There is no reason an NBA team should be undefeated at home...
  8. doitallpaul

    Trent Williams punched Richard Sherman in the face last Sunday after the Skins - Hawks game?

    Scroll to 46 seconds if you want to see the action right away. Trent got some quick hands for an OLineman...obviously the Skins and Hawks beefed after but you can see RG3 hug it out with Sherman after furthering Rob Parker's given description as a "cornball brother."...
  9. doitallpaul

    Happy New Years To All!

    Health and Happy New Year to all of NT. Let 2013 be a good one.
  10. doitallpaul

    Under Armour Sample Sale in NYC

    Hey All, Got an e-mail saying that there will be an Under Armour sample sale in NYC from 10/31 - 11/4 10am - 7pm on 10/31-11/3 10am - 4pm on 11/4 The address is 260 5th avenue between 28th and 29th streets. Enjoy.
  11. doitallpaul

    How is a song actually made from start to finish?

    I love music especially hip-hop and rap but I never really knew the process on how a song is made, can NT give me the scoop? I understand that there is a writer, a producer, an artist, a feature, then the song needs to be mixed, mastered etc but how does an artist go about all of this? Also on...
  12. doitallpaul

    New A$AP ft. 2 Chainz, Drake, Kendrick Lamar - "F***ing Problem"******g-problem beat is epic, they all go in. :x :smokin
  13. doitallpaul

    What is your greatest strength and greatest weakness?

    This question often arises during job interviews but, I was curious as to what you all truly thought your greatest strength and greatest weakness really was. I think my greatest strength is my personality and my greatest weakness is my OCD.
  14. doitallpaul

    Breaking your cold streak appreciation vol: yams on yams on yams

    Felt like this. :smokin Feels good to be back, where the the vag really belongs. She wasn't even close to being a dime but, it's my confidence builder. Like a home run but were still down by 8 runs in the 7th inning.
  15. doitallpaul

    How much do you spend a month?

    Including rent (no mortgage for me) I spend about a little north of 5k a month in NYC. This includes rent - I live by myself, cable, cell phone, electric, health and dental insurance, commuting and some meds. The rest is grocery shopping or going out when I can. Just curious as to see how other...
  16. doitallpaul

    The game before yours not ending on time so you miss the beginning of YOUR game: Unappreciation

    Why don't cable companies schedule games 2 hours and 15 minutes apart instead of 2 hours? No college basketball game is ever 2 hours.  Cable providers need to provide two options.  A: Would you like to watch the end of this *^&% game? B: Would you like to switch to the game that is supposed to...
  17. doitallpaul

    So when was the sneaker game officially ruined? Vol: Galaxy Foamposite's SMH Click to see videos and pictures. Orlando - After days of waiting in line and camping out in front of stores, the release of the Nike Foamposite Galaxy sneaker...
  18. doitallpaul

    Shooting Guards are supposed to be able to shoot right?

    When you think of a player being a SG you imagine them being able to hit 3's and shoot at least 35% from that area. I just looked at D-Wade's stats and this year through 21 games he is 0-12 shooting 0%.
  19. doitallpaul

    Can NT make an impact? Vol: Coach Martelli is a CLOWN

    Very interesting article about St. Joseph's coach denying a 5th year transfer player an opportunity to play for UAB. Disgusting move by Coach Martelli of SJU. http://sportsillustrated....9/todd.obrien/index.html Let's try and get something done.  This is the Coach's e-mail -  ...
  20. doitallpaul

    #OccupyHerbstreit (NCAA Protest) Saw this on a blog, in regards to funny signs at the Wall Street Protests some of them are very funny. I didn't want this to get lost in the NCAA thread. more on the site above. Texas guy has a good sense of humor even after that loss last weekend to the...
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