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  1. rjones416

    no dambs approach in the club: im going hard tomorrow

    grab skin and you will win
  2. rjones416

    Tips On How To Move On From A Relationship? Sad Single Life Here

    best way to get over one girl is to get under another
  3. rjones416

    so last night my friend got mugged and now he's seriously considering taking a life...what do? (srs)

    how much does a grenade go for anyways? im sure it aint cheap...
  4. rjones416

    Question To My Black & Other Ethnic Nt'ers Vol. College...

    it doesnt bother me at all that im the only hispanic dude in all my classes. the thing is though im in a nursing program with a whole bunch of girls so i have like no boys to chill with. i made friends with some of the girls but its just not the same.
  5. rjones416

    bottle service : greatest hustle ever?

    i dont know about spending 1k+ but usually a couple of bottles and a booth is like $300 or something. if you have at least 4 friends then its not that much at all. theres enough liquor for everyone to get drunk and have a place to chill and pour your own drinks for like $50 per person. its worth it.
  6. rjones416

    is it IMPOSSIBLE to pick up chicks on the streets?

    doesnt matter what you say its how you say it. my boy one time literally got out of the car while waiting to cross the border and got a number from a girl in another car. it can happen anytime and anywhere.
  7. rjones416

    To: jordanforever08

    whats his address? send the pizzas and ****** hookers from craigslist over.
  8. rjones416

    To: jordanforever08

    why wait until thursday? hes not out of the country. hes at home reading this thread right now.
  9. rjones416

    Could you live without your cell phone or mobile internet for a year?

    why do people need mobile internet? you cant wait until you get home to go on the internet?
  10. rjones416

    What the heck is going on with facebook?

    i havent logged onto facebook in like a month. i got to check this out.
  11. rjones416

    NT...what to do when unattractive girl like you...HELP ASAP!

    girls turn down guys all the time. stop being a $@*#* and just reject her, or smash if shes not too bad.
  12. rjones416

    Anyone ever had bad experiences with antibiotics? VOL. I can't feel my bowels.

    buy some probiotics from a health store. the ones that have to be in the fridge not the other crap. it will restore all the good bacteria that was killed by the antibiotics.
  13. rjones416


    +1 on ankle socks.
  14. rjones416

    Post foods you wish you could get today but its too far away

    i'll take some giordanos deep dish pizza and some in n out.
  15. rjones416

    Going to a strip club for the first time. Give me tips please vol. Redundant topic, I know.

    when i go to a strip club i just have a couple of beers, watch %%#@%%@ dance and thats it. im not giving my money to these %$*%+@ that dont even care about you.
  16. rjones416

    Shots Fired

    it says right before the video starts that no glass is bullet proof only bullet resistant so you cant expect it to stop a full clip.
  17. rjones416

    It's my 1000th post...who wants free money?

    25, 350
  18. rjones416

    Female Sneakerheads: Do they attract you?

    bulky ball shoes dont look good on women. whenever i see a girl wearing jordans i assume shes a hood rat or a night rider.
  19. rjones416

    <>Kanye West & Jay-Z 'Watch The Throne'<> Ns in PARIS video on pg. 290

    hows the documentary? anywhere to watch it online?
  20. rjones416

    <>Kanye West & Jay-Z 'Watch The Throne'<> Ns in PARIS video on pg. 290

    hows the documentary? anywhere to watch it online?
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