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    Chicago Named Most Corrupt City in America
  2. ar guy

    Madagascar Just Sealed Their Borders

    U.S. Bio-Security Officials Sound Warning After Scientists Create Deadly New Strain of Bird Flu
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    Extreme Shepherding

  4. ar guy

    Mother of All Hot Wheels Track

  5. ar guy

    24/7/365 The Tomb Remains Guarded

    Even during hurricanes
  6. ar guy

    Sales of Baseball Bats Up Over 52,000% in the UK

    The sales of tonfas were up 50,000% but are now sold out
  7. ar guy

    Try This Vol. Wikipedia

    Go to Wikipedia. Pick an article, any article, it can be about anything. Click on the first hyperlink that is not italicized or in parenthesis. With enough clicks you will always end up at Philosophy. Try it.
  8. ar guy

    How Free is Your State? Vol. Live Free or Die Florida ranks 11th Some NTers might be a little upset at where their state ranks
  9. ar guy

    FBI Unveils 'The Vault,' Including Unseen 9/11 Records

    Featuring searchable dossiers on characters as wide-ranging as Al Capone, Marilyn Monroe, Notorious B.I.G. and the 9/11 hijackers, the FBI has upgraded its online public records to provide more than 2,000 digitized documents...
  10. ar guy

    Somali Pirates execute 4 Americans

  11. ar guy

    FEMA to Procure Emergency Food for Risk of New Madrid Fault

    Midwestern NTers get ready. [/spoiler]
  12. ar guy

    Slideshow of the top 15 debtor nations

    Looking at this the U.S. doesn't even look that bad. Top 15 debtor nations slideshow
  13. ar guy

    Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 announced!!

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