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  1. sorrysoldout

    Legit check on 2 websites please

    Are these 2 sites legit? Thank you.
  2. sorrysoldout

    Legit Check AIR JORDAN 3 WOLF GREY

    Please click the link for 7 pics Thanks!
  3. sorrysoldout

    Price check on these OG 13's HGG from '97

    Great shape for an OG. Leather is real clean. Creasing on toe box. Midsole is dirty but not filthy. OG laces, no box, no insoles. Perfect for a restoration or good enough to wear right now. More pics in replies
  4. sorrysoldout

    First Time Buying a Pair with PayPal but not on Ebay. Need a little help/advice, please

    So as the title says, this invoice deal is new to me. i know I have that PayPal "protection" with an invoice but my issue is this. nowhere on the invoice does the word AUTHENTIC appear. Here is the EXACT wording of the DESCRIPTION on the invoice: brand new Air jordan retro 4 "bred" colorway...
  5. sorrysoldout

    Jordan Geller, owner of Shoezeum, is doing a live Q&A on tomorrow

    Jordan will be on the site at 3pm EST tomorrow taking questions. He is the owner of the world's largest Nike collection.
  6. sorrysoldout

    Can anybody recommend a good customizer?

    Sorry if this isn't the correct forum. If it isn't, please point me in the right direction. I know about Mache and Kickaso but I'd like to hear about some other lesser known guys who do good work. Thanks
  7. sorrysoldout

    What should I price these Original AJ13's He Got Games. From 97,not a retro

    Good condition for a shoe from 97. Leather is good shape. Some creasing. OG laces, no box, no right insole. Never worn much. Help me determine a fair price for a buyer.
  8. sorrysoldout

    What should I price these Original AJ13's He Got Games. From 97,not a retro

    No box. Missing right insole. OG laces. Leather is pretty clean. Some creasing. Midsole looks good. I have no clue what to ask for them. Have a potential buyer and he said name a price. Not looking to rape him but don't wanna get robbed either. Opinions?
  9. sorrysoldout

    LEGIT CHECK - AJ3 Black/ Cement

    can i get a legit check on these?
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