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  1. raysweatshirt

    Music Festivals 2017

    NT FAM , My homeboys and I agreed on a New Years resolution which is to travel to as many music festivals as possible next year. Our last trip together was to SXSW in Austin,TX which was lit but I wanted to ask my fellow brethren. What music festivals would you reccomend us guys to go to...
  2. raysweatshirt

    SXSW 2016

    What up NT brethrens, will be in Austin for the SXSW festivities this weekend. Any advice/venues/eateries you guys can sugest to a fellow NTer? Also do the clubs really close at 2am? What do you locals in Austin usually do after 2am hits?
  3. raysweatshirt


    Please help!!!!!!! Might be doing the deal reeeeeal soon!
  4. raysweatshirt

    Legit Check on Air Jordan 1 Royal ! Seller doesn't have the OG receipt so a bit worried

    Please help!!!!!!! Might be doing the deal reeeeeal soon! 
  5. raysweatshirt

    Bad Parenting or Worst Kids in the World? Vol. This Can't Be Real Life

      My facial expressions throughout the video:           
  6. raysweatshirt

    I Need Your Help Fam. Vol. Forgot to attend Jury Duty

    Ok fambily, so I totally forgot I had Jury Duty yesterday and my Mom is freaking out. She says that one of her friends didn't attend Jury Duty and the police showed up to the friends door and told her she had a warrant out for her arrest in which they proceeded to take her to the police station...
  7. raysweatshirt

    DJ Khaled Asks for Nicki Minaj's hand in Marriage!!!! Vol : Is he simpin?

    They say it ain't trickin if you got it but idk mane.... I'm not sure if he's BSing or not but would this be considered simpin or not?????
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