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  1. wsupjs

    APL Concept 1 Review: Do they live up to the Hype?

    Before I cover everything else: yes they do help. Player Profile: 6'2" 155lbs 1-2 hybrid. Generally end up having to run the point in pickup games. Slashing guard that likes to finish around the rim or shoot midrange. Without the APL's, my vertical was recently measured at 36" (2 feet jump...
  2. wsupjs

    Flightposite vs. 20-5-5

    Here's the deal: I have a pair of Flightposites and a pair of 20-5-5. I'm planning on playing in one pair and selling the other. I've read general reviews for both, but wasn't sure which one you guys would recommend over the other. I played some in my first pair of 20-5-5'sand liked them, but...
  3. wsupjs

    Price Check Jordan XI Snake Skin Low AND 2003 Nubuck XII

    Hey guys. I need a price check on my snake skin XI's and 2003 Nubuck XII's. The XI's are size 12.5 and do not come with original box or retro card.The XII's are size 13 and come with original box and retro card. Thanks in advance. Snake Skin XI Nubuck XII
  4. wsupjs

    Price Check Concords

    Hey guys. One of my friends is wanting to buy or trade for my Concords, and I want to make sure what they're worth before doing anything. They're asize 13.5. Thanks in advance.
  5. wsupjs

    LS/PC: Zen Yeezy's

    Hey guys. This auction ended a day or two ago and now I have the opportunity for a second chance offer on these Yeezy's. I was wondering if they are legitand how much do they cost now that the hype has dropped a little bit? I need to know by late tonight. Thanks in advance...
  6. wsupjs

    LC and PC on 2001 Black/Red XI

    Hey guys. I want to get a legit check and price check on these 2001 Black/Red Jordan XI's. Everything looks good to me, but wanted your confirmation.Thanks in advance. Also, as you can see, I did not get a pic of the tag. I can take one if needed. EDIT: Forgot to mention before that they are...
  7. wsupjs

    LC and PC '99 White Cement IV's

    I pretty sure they're legit, but wanted to make sure. Also would appreciate a price check, especially with the cut heel tabs. Thanks in advance!
  8. wsupjs

    Legit Check: Zoom Lebron IV

    Hey guys. I know Lebrons aren't Jordans, but the Jordan Price/Fake check forum gets so much more traffic than the Nike one, so I was hoping you guys couldhelp me out. Are these Lebron IV's real? Also, can I get a price check for them? Thanks in advance. Sorry for the bad pictures. These were...
  9. wsupjs

    Legit Check Red Suede XXI's

    Thanks in advance!
  10. wsupjs

    Multiple Legit Checks: Nubuck XII, Melo XII, Laser IV

    Hey guys. I've got a couple possible deals in the works and I need to make sure these shoes are legit before pulling the trigger on anything. I have a goodfeeling they are, especially the Melo XII and Laser IV's, because I've had good experiences with this guy before. Just wanted your...
  11. wsupjs

    Legit Check Olympic VI 2000

    I have a bad feeling these are fakes, but I wanted to confirm it with you guys before filing the complaint with PayPal. If you could list every reason why theyare fake, it'd be greatly apprecaited. Thanks in advance.
  12. wsupjs

    Wsupjs Small Collection UPDATED: March 8th, 2010

    Update: March 8th, 2010 My collection has changed a lot the last couple of months. I've bought and sold a lot of stuff, but I'm pretty content where I'm at right now. I just need to get rid of a few pair that are taking up space. Jordans Nike and Reebok (only pair missing is my Air Zoom...
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