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  1. mmmpr3s

    Sneaker stickers, anyone else make some?

    I started making some sneaker stickers recently.  Mostly for my shoeboxes because other ones I've purchased were of such garbage material I decided to make some for myself and my buddies.  I print them on nice stock paper and laminate them with a sticker so it has a  nice thickness to it and...
  2. mmmpr3s

    How do you post on NT?

    I'm curious about how people post on here.  I rarely use my computer anymore and I have yet to find a mobile application that is good on browsing/posting on the forum as mobile web for the forum sucks.  I've tried "TapTalk" but I don't feel it gives you the same experience.  Anyone have anything...
  3. mmmpr3s

    Wedding Day Kicks

    I was wondering if anyone wore J's on their wedding day, of anything else other than "dress shoes".  Me and my groomsmen all wore 11's, I the Space Jams and my groomsmen Concords.
  4. mmmpr3s

    Anyone in Orlando interested in a Swap Meet?

    I'm going to start up a GroupMe group for sneakerheads in Orlando to be able to buy/sell/trade.  I find that there's a lack of sneaker meets here to be able to swap.  I personally don't like waiting for DXC once every 6 months or so.  This will help people who are into having a swap meet...
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