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  1. smoke ya later

    What happens when you let 2 chatbots talk to each other

      sorry if late
  2. smoke ya later

    Man forced to eat own BEARD.......VID

    this is my local news too
  3. smoke ya later

    U.S. Army’s proposed $9.3b Afghanistan budget

    http://www.tactical-life....-and-ammo/?hp=news_title WASHINGTON-The U.S. Army's proposed $9.3 billion war budget for Afghanistan includes significant funding for new helicopters, ground vehicles, missilesand ammunition, and upgrades to existing equipment, according to a Dec. 23 draft budget...
  4. smoke ya later

    So Access Hollywood asks who should play Frank Sinatra...

    leo maybe the only worthy one.
  5. smoke ya later

    most random question a stranger has asked you?

    today I was walking to one of my classes and some dude asks me: kid in astros hat: "what up bruh where's the dro at?" me: what? kid in astros hat: (makes a smoking motion with his hand) where the dro at? me: kept on walking. so this left me thinking, do I look like a pothead or what?
  6. smoke ya later

    Summer Heights High Appreciation

  7. smoke ya later

    Military POLL OBAMA vs. MCCAIN

    I was listening to talk radio this morning and heard interesting facts about a poll that was taken from military members. 80% of military voters are forMccain and 20% Obama while 80% of black voters are for Obama and 20% are for Mccain. The dude on the radio said is this simply because of the...
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