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    Nike Dunk SB Hemp Mahogany sz.11

    I need price check on these please Nike Dunk SB Jersey Gold/ Red Mahogany Sz.11
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    99 Metallic 5's sz.11

    I need a price check on these please 100% wearable Replaced lacelock with 2006 Sz.11
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    PC: Huarache 2k4, Kobe 3, Carpe Diem, Dark Knights

    Yo i need a price check on these, any help is appreciated Sz.11 Huarache 2k4 Kobe 3's blk/wht Kobe 5 Dark Knights Sz.10.5 Kobe 4's Carpe Diem
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    New Year's Eve in the SF, what to do?

    Ive never been in the city on New Years Eve. What do yall have planned? -clubs, w/cover charge, dresscode, 21 and up preferably -parties -bars -places to meet and countdown? I usually go to Fam parties, but everyone has there own thing goin on now.
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    I need basketball shoes with GREAT arch support

    like the title says, i need bball shoes with gd arch support. Whenever i try to hoop or do any physical activities that require jumping or running, the arches in my feet start to burn up like crazy. Ive tried insoles, and they dnt help much Any suggestions or recommendations is appreciated...
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    any NTer's with friends/relatives in prison?

    yo, like the title says. So a good friend of mine has been locked up for about a year and a half now, but hes doin 10. I have yet to write him cause I just dnt knw what to say. Feels Bad Man my questions are -Do you write them? -What would you write to them?
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    Any Cable/Satellite installers on NT?

    I just started working for Dish Network and am currently training and im trying to retain all the knowledge being thrown at us. The instructor is real cool/laidback at times but, there's lot of stuff to learn. My questions are, -How hard is it to actually get into the field and get used to...
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    Phone interview with Dish Network

    I have a phone interview scheduled tomorrow with Dish Network as an "Installer/Service-Man." I was previously fired from my last job in August because of safety precautions. what should i expect? Any advice on how to handle the interview? any info would be appreciated and thanks in advance
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    What's wrong with this picture?

    one leg?
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    BEST 'shutting up the crowd' moments in NBA...the away team gets em.

    Lebron's return to Cleveland?
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    Price Check on 2001 Bred XI's and 2003 White Cement 3's sz 10.5

    Yo, i wanted to see if i could get a price check on these 2001 Bred XI's and 2003 White Cement 3's. sz 10.5 the XI's are VVNDS, OG box and retro card. the 3's are unsure about, OG box and retro card. based on the pics, what condition would you guys rate these? thanks in advance
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    So BS's are out of the question, Whose goin to HOH tommorow for the UWR's??

    eff the BS's for now, Whose goin to HOH 2m for the UWR's?? any idea on how limited theyre goin to be??
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    goin to Reno

    so im goin to Reno for the weekend and was wondering what else there is to do other than Circus Circus with my nieces during the daytime and Gambling during nightime?? any input would be lovely
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    Price check DMP

    yo NT, i need a price check on the DMP pack the 11's are VVVNDS, only worn a couple times the 6's are DS, never worn or tried on all OG included(box, dogtags, and booklet) please let me knw, thanks in advance
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    indoor hoopin around vallejo??

    does anybody knw of indoor gyms around vallejo. maybe fairfield or hercules. pls NO sportscenter. dnt mind payin a little fee tho im lookin at a time frame around 7 or 8pm for weekdays and whatever on weekends. im filipino,  so i'll leave it at that.....
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    car just got broken into!!

    okae so im at church. at the end of mass i go back to my car to find out that someone got in through the driver side door and went through my stuff. things taken: rayban shades, brand new bball shoes i wore once, a semi-beat pair of bball shoes, and a bag that had some clothes in. also i cant...
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    legit check on French Blue XII's

    Sup NT i need a legit check on a pair of French Blue XII's that i bought on ebay. thanks in advance. FYI, i paid $165 shipped for them
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    Nursing an injury

    Sup NT, whats the best way to nurse a lower back?? Also i get pains in the arches of my feet when i hoop, is there a way to prevent that?? any suggestions?? thanks
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    Ruby Sky 10/26

    Did anyone go check out Mos Def tonite?? i wanted to go but i got work 2m, SMH
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    Legit check on tour yellow IV's

    Yo NT i need a legit check on these tour yellow IV's. sz. 10 and got em for 155. thanks in advance let me knw if you needs more pics, thanks again
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