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  1. bawayfrombless

    Nike Air Jordan 4 Retro "White/Cement" - The Aftermath - NO BUYING/SELLING/TRADING

    i love me heavy padding... the difference between my wc3 and fire 3s is nuts. cements have been beaters for years and still look and feel great
  2. bawayfrombless

    Bulls offseason Thread

    i like the sound of that assistant hire but ill have learn more about him. and to be real I hope joh doesnt go. he has been less productive but far from soft. if he can keep his heart in it im down
  3. bawayfrombless

    Hate Lazy People

    kick her the **** out. when yall agreed to live together she wasnt part of it. dont run from the situation
  4. bawayfrombless


    and to add to whats going on... no i dont think a guy can have a fem piece he wouldnt top with sausage. BUT i do believe a fem CAN have a guyfriend without thinking about sex. werr wired differnt bro :Nthat :hat
  5. bawayfrombless


    depends brother see with my girl id never trip.. and even if i did feel some insecurity id look at my girl in eyes and tell her flat. but thats all cuz i trust her. alotta fellas dont know their women for yrs like i know mine therefore I dont blame anyone for tripn, snoopin, or even...
  6. bawayfrombless

    How much do you think I can sell these for, and are they legit?

    braa, theyre urs and u dont know if they legit?? google the model and see what pairs sell for. if u gonna add in an account and thread. dont put out dookie and nonsence :D
  7. bawayfrombless

    Police Kill Unarmed Teen In Ferguson, Missouri

    so true, im stl.. mins out, my fam up in chi act like i cant leave the crib w.o dieing all of a sudden
  8. bawayfrombless

    Legit Check: Jordan 3 Retro '88

    if u guys arnt rockin sneaker shields by now idk wut yall are on creasing? WHILE SITTING? naa edit: shoes look legit.
  9. bawayfrombless

    I never knew that......

    me too. when i was 16
  10. bawayfrombless

    Social Media Challenges have reached new level of stupidity... The Fire Challenge

    i used to do this **** with an axe bottle like 15 years ago. very stupid but its not like media is turning kids from angels to devils, the attention is just more insentive
  11. bawayfrombless

    Seattle store "Recess" robbed for thousands of dollars in shoes

    lol at the boxes with 1 shoe in it. atleast store owner didnt take a hit on those.. assuming places dont sell display shoes.. :rolleyes
  12. bawayfrombless

    who has been here the longest?

    active? i think meth 8o
  13. bawayfrombless

    Stupid stuff you done lately vol. 1.0

    ..resigned a lease with my gf
  14. bawayfrombless

    There is a video of robot that can run up to 45mph in this thread...

    cars are governd neways if they realy wanted to cars could only be sold with a police zappoff feature likebaitcar
  15. bawayfrombless

    racist internet troll challenges heavy weight champion VOL 52-0

    F ANY RAPPER U KNOW this dudes hook triumphs :smokin :x
  16. bawayfrombless

    The ‘If I Fought This Rapper, Would I Win?’ Chart

    idk bout wiz >em :rollin @dmx
  17. bawayfrombless


    dog did nothing lmao dogs are coo and all but they dumb as rocks. love my lilguyy thoo
  18. bawayfrombless

    Air Jordan 11Lab4 Thread - Blue Up Next?

    could be :smokin but prolly not. need pics
  19. bawayfrombless

    Air Jordan 2 Retro “Iron Purple/Safari Grey”

    these will be known as the dark days of jb
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