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  1. harmito

    Maryland decriminalize Marijuana and also becomes the 21st state to legalize Medical Marijuana

    October 1st weed is decriminalized to civil fines June 1st Medical Marijuana becomes legal ( though it's likely dispensaries won't happen til 2015 ) :smokin
  2. harmito

    So 2100 bottles of Hennesy was stolen in Baltimore recently. Comes up to $500k Bout to cop a case of Hennessey for $75.
  3. harmito

    Cadillac Elmiraj Concept .. If you build it , people will buy it Cadillac.

    Two years ago, Cadillac  absolutely floored us with the debut of its gorgeous Ciel concept  at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. And since that droptop four-door's debut, we've seen plenty of its design language worked into the latest Cadillac products. Now, we're seriously hoping that...
  4. harmito

    Lil B "Pretty Boy" Video Appreciation :DEFINITION OF BEING TURNT UP!

    This video has bought me much joy in the past 3 days   Lil b should've did a soul train vid to Ellen Degeneress I need Gifs immediately!
  5. harmito

    12 O'Clock Boyz Movie Trailer ( If you goin to SXSW you should check this out )

    A SXSW accepted movie , it gives you an in depth look into my city's dirtbike culture Imagine seeing hundred dudes on dirtbikes in your rearview on sunny summer afternoon .. Police hate them,  I know a few dudes who ride with them and rode wit em once or twice in my younger years.. It also...
  6. harmito


    How ya'll ****** living?
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