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  1. pmpnballer0311

    Shoe rack/shelf help ?

    Im beginning to run out of room for my kicks in my room.  Im looking for a shoe rack or a shoe shelf but whenever I look online all I can find is womens stuff. I had a thing that hung on the back of my door but it was really annoying. Looking for someone to point me in the right direction...
  2. pmpnballer0311

    Foams and Foam pros

    I know everyone likes foams to chill in and look fresh in but I got a serious question out there for foam fans. Has anyone actually hooped in them ? Just walking around I think they might be the most comfortable shoe I have ever put on so I think I'm gonna start copping a few pairs to hoop in...
  3. pmpnballer0311

    Quick question

    Just a simple question and I'm sure someone will have something smart to say but I always wondered how certain people get Jordan's before they release. And I'm not talking a few days I'm talking about weeks, even a couple months before release dates.
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