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    I got a 2013 Chrysler 300. Yesterday the exhaust started to sound really loud. I'm at the dealer now and part of it is cracked. They want to charge me about $1500 for parts and labor. It's at the rear of the car. Their story was someone tried to steal it. They're telling me if I don't get...
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    NT, what is the biggest loss you've ever taken?

    I basically made a business investment and it didn't go as planned. Mostly because of a incompetent partner. It could of been worst but, I'm looking at 30k right now. :rolleyes I can't complain because a business investment is always a risk and I knew this was a possibility. I'm ready to bounce...
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    Car seat covers & Bumper protection

    Just looking to get some seat covers and a bumper guard. Anyone got anything that's good? Or can anyone recommend any good ones? So far I've run into these.
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    NT, help me decide!

    I'm about to buy my second car (not selling first) and I have two options. 1. 2008, 64,xxx miles, certified, from the dealer, clean carfax, good maintenance history, 12-month/12,000-mile Comprehensive Warranty, 7-year/100,000-mile Limited Powertrain Warranty, color I want, car is flawless...
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    You mad ....... bro?

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    As seen on SD. 10 free holiday cards or invitations. I don't spend money on cards anymore. This site always has a free promotion. Promo code - CCN2433
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    Come in and enjoy!

    I just heard this playing after so long .. thought I'd share. Official NT dance?
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    Turned 23 today .. I feel weird .. before I know it I'm going to be hitting 30 .. I think I haven't accomplished much in life and need to get on it ASAP. I need to set some goals for my self .. but I feel like I have no motivation at all. Anyone else feel this way? What do you do motivate your...
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    Bro's, is this real life?

    One of the most disturbing things I've ever came across. Extremely disturbing and sad.
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    Man Marries Dead Girlfriend In Joint Funeral And Wedding Ceremony In Thailand

    Old news but damn ..
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    Air Jordan VIII Black / Chrome 2013 Release Date?

    Can anyone confirm that these will be dropping next year? And that it's not just a hoax? Been waiting so long on these sheesh!
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    If you hate your job ..

    I doubt they do this everyday but still imagine having a job that required you to do this. Hell for people scared of heights.�!
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    Woops .. I did a search .. no wonder I didn't find it 
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    Who else wants to see this in full effect?

    I Might need a late pass. 
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    NT, what is the spiciest thing you have ever eaten?

    Blazin' wings from Buffalo Wild Wings & The hot sauce from this place .. couple of drops and it has your mouth on fire. Food spot in Manhattan (6th ave & 53rd).d
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    Need some legal advice in regards to a accident PLEASE COME IN

    What can I except if I hit a pedestrian that was jaywalking from the middle of the block, and admitted to the cops he didn't look while crossing? I was going like 20mph and I seen him from the corner of my eye .. dude ran and stopped in front of my car, I braked hard and honked, he jumped on the...
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    L.A. Bound .. my turn to play the tourist!

    NY'er heading over to LA next weekend to meet my cousin who's from Ireland. We're both going to be pretty much clueless while there. So, can anyone suggest any hot spots? Restaurants? Or something that you must do if in LA? 
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    NY Earthquake!?

    So, I'm here working from home in my apartment, and all of the sudden I felt my chair moving and I looked around and everything started shaking, I was about to put on my shoes and make a run for it but it stopped. Anyone else feel this? 
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    Shorty from The Lower East Side

    This #$++ had me  Sorry if this is a re-post or if I'm late on it.
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