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  1. franco23x

    Conceited Vol: Happy Birthday To Myself

    No longer a teen, officially 20 :hat Life has went fast to say the least Gonna have fun tonight ;)
  2. franco23x


    :{ )
  3. franco23x

    Parkour Vol: OH MY GOD

    Please let me know if this was posted, craziest sht I ever seen.
  4. franco23x

    Pretending to be famous Vol: iLLest

    :rollin Famous vs Not Famous
  5. franco23x

    eBay question Vol: Flaking

    Quick question for all you eBay connoisseurs, someone bought a pair of shoes from me that has zero feedback. Clearly this it is this person's first time using eBay. They send me a message asking me what time they have to pay, I send them a message back yesterday telling them that they need to...
  6. franco23x

    We are all dogs, b. Vol: iLLest

    Dat thirst
  7. franco23x


    Not too sure what to think. :{
  8. franco23x

    Cheating GF Prank Gone Wrong Vol....iLLest

    Since our boy @iLLest aka Fouseytube is no longer part of the community (at heart he is), I am posting on his behalf. He texted me and told me to let you guys know about this video.. Video is :rollin You guys will enjoy. iLLest!
  9. franco23x

    Nike Stores now raffle? *lock if necessary*

    Got a tweet to my phone by NikeRooseveltFD saying that they are holding a raffle tomorrow for the 4s and 5s that are releasing. Is this a new way to eliminate the bots? Thoughts and is this new?
  10. franco23x

    Confirmed 2014 Air Jordan 11 "Concord" Lows

    I know that we all love MN. :\ But here ya go.
  11. franco23x

    NikeTalk Invitational Fantasy Football league (FREE)

    Starting up a Fantasy Football league on Yahoo with my NT brethren. (Free) We have 4 in the league as of now, and two others have verbally committed. League is a PPR .5 every completion, 1 pt for every reception and carry. Draft will be sometime at night, we all will have to discuss when...
  12. franco23x

    Nike new wristband method

    Find information about this at Nike Store Launches - Twitter RSVP Twitter RSVP is used to help manage product launches at Nike Stores. Follow your local Nike Store on Twitter for launch announcements and frequent updates. The...
  13. franco23x

    2012/2013 Mustang GT

    I'm a senior in high school and I am almost certain that I am getting a new car for graduation... Right now I'm driving a Sante Fe. I would like to say I am not spoiled but I need a new car because the Sante Fe eats/drinks/snorts gas. My parents make good money and will let me get one. If...
  14. franco23x

    Sunglasses help?

    I'm not much of a sunglasses person. I have one pair and looking to expand, looking for style. Any good websites/stores that sell cheap sunglasses? I'm not looking for anything crazy just black and a couple of colored pairs. I'm not looking to spend that much money!  Any help would be appreciated. 
  15. franco23x

    This is pathetic

  16. franco23x

    Where to buy cheap authentic football jerseys?

    Looking to buy some jerseys for the season and need to know a website to get some good prices. Thanks in advance. 
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