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  1. luckycharmz

    AJKO 1 Summer 2012 QS 6/2 RELEASE: NO BUYING/SELLING/TRADING! YOU WILL BE SUSPENDED!!***=859 That's what the KO is meant to look like...swoosh looks off - these look like garbage!
  2. luckycharmz

    When Did You unDS Your Concords and What Do You Wear With Them?

    If I told you I wore nothing and shaved all my bodily hair and rocked 'em on my hands would it really matter?
  3. luckycharmz

    Just bought a pair of 15s from an NT'er... HONESTLY, do you think the have been worn ONE TIME?

    Those look more like Shaq might have hooped in them...
  4. luckycharmz

    should we really blame the reseller?

    No hype - no demand - no resellers. Y'all are the ones making the hype.
  5. luckycharmz

    Reselling on NT

    If they loosened up the rules a bit prices could come down. I know a bunch of Euro people who can cop very easily and would be willing to do hook ups - kind of hard to get stuff going with the minimum post rules and stuff...
  6. luckycharmz

    Sneaker Collecting is dead and is a FAD

    I hope OP is right - might have a chance of coping some Jays at retail price sometime soon!
  7. luckycharmz

    AIR JORDAN 12 RETRO - BLACK/WHITE/RED - 130690-001 - CONFIRMED 4/2012

    Try ashopcalledwood - they had a full size run this morning
  8. luckycharmz

    AIR JORDAN 12 RETRO - BLACK/WHITE/RED - 130690-001 - CONFIRMED 4/2012

    Just a heads up that there's still some UK and Euro based shop that have near full size runs of these.
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