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    that used to work but people did it too much so they had to stop it.
  2. jayvee1220

    Nintendo Thread: Nintendo Direct Mini 03/26/2020

    I reserved my copy of Twilight Princess on Amazon. It looks great.
  3. jayvee1220

    Nintendo Thread: Nintendo Direct Mini 03/26/2020

    with the blizzard expected tomorrow, i'm going to be on MK8 or smash tomorrow, most of the day. i'll put up a good fight in MK8 but i stink at smash.
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  5. jayvee1220

    FOX *CBM thread - RIP STAN LEE - Dark PhoeniX 06/07/19

    i am hyped for this movie after the trailer. could it be they held back the best parts for the actual movie? not like the Superman vs Batman trash?
  6. jayvee1220

    EDIT: New Question, is LeBron the second greatest player of all time? So, has Steph Curry overtaken

    i'm an avid Lebron hater. and i have Steph on my fantasy team so he's the best in the league right now. i heard a stat floating around that if Curry keeps hitting 3's at this current pace, he gonig to have more 3's in the past 2 years than Larry Bird had in his career.
  7. jayvee1220

    Legitimately Funny Commercials....what u got?

    That David Oritz Jorge Posada Sportscenter commercial will always make me laugh.
  8. jayvee1220

    The Walking Dead - Official Thread

    All the Ethan Embry references and no one mentions the GOAT, Nick Papagiorgio!
  9. jayvee1220

    How old is too old to kiss your child?

    I can't kiss my kids enough. my son is 9 and he get regular kisses on the cheek. my daughter is 7, she sometimes gets it on the cheeks. she's more affectionate than my son is. my baby girl gets kisses all the time. I still kiss my dad to greet him and when i leave. i used to do the same...
  10. jayvee1220

    The Walking Dead - Official Thread

    a co-worker and I were discussing the last episode. He had a theory. what if Ruben Blades already experienced this in El Salvador? his family is all dead. he knew to shoot the neighbor in the head, and he also told Travis to burn the body. OG Abuelo knows. Nick is not annoying. He seems...
  11. jayvee1220

    NT Fathers Unite: Tips and Cheat Codes for 1st-Time Dads

    as i type this my 2 month old just fell asleep on my shoulder. its a great feeling to be able to soothe them without mommy's help. i also have a 9 and 7 year old. as previously stated, breastfeeding is an awesome thing for mom and baby. its a beautiful thing. best tip i have is see what...
  12. jayvee1220

    Nintendo Thread: Nintendo Direct Mini 03/26/2020

    I'm loving Splatoon. the update looks cool now that i know what it all means. just stinks that you can only play online as 1 player, unlike MK8. and the 1 v 1 play is a totally different game type. and why can't you skip the news alert when you start up the game?
  13. jayvee1220

    Nintendo Thread: Nintendo Direct Mini 03/26/2020

    I just picked up Splatoon at Nintendo World after playing it. Perfect timing. With that update coming next week.
  14. jayvee1220

    So this is what it's come to for the shoegame Vol. pun intended

    these machines are all over the Jersey Shore. I've just never see them with sneakers. usually Ipads, gaming systems or coach bags. i wasn't aware on how they "let" you win though.
  15. jayvee1220

    The Simpsons Tapped Out....!!!!

    i had just uninstalled it from my phone last week and freed up a ton of space but i occasionally played it on my ipad. its now back on my phone. it's an obsession and i can't stop.
  16. jayvee1220

    The Simpsons Tapped Out....!!!!

    Anybody get the new sports update? anyone still playing? it looks fun and i need Mr. Burns in his throwback baseball uniform.
  17. jayvee1220

    Atlantic City .. still a dump?

    I go to AC at least twice a year. the Trop is my favorite spot. plenty to do there.
  18. jayvee1220

    Video Games That Should Become Movies

    It's supposedly in the works, but Uncharted would be a great movie.
  19. jayvee1220

    BATTLE BOTS IS BACK ! June 21st

    I had heard about this a few months ago. i can't wait!
  20. jayvee1220

    Nintendo Thread: Nintendo Direct Mini 03/26/2020

    its only me and berzat right now.
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