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  1. martyb

    PC on Royal Blue's?

    Just wondering what a good price for a pair of DS Royal Blue 1's are?
  2. martyb

    RMKstore Legit?

    I've heard some say that they are Legit but also have heard some say they sell B Grades and High quality fakes? can someone clarify if they're legit or not
  3. martyb

    Olympic 6's Sizing?

    Was thinking to buy a pair of Olympic 6's but does know how they fit? do they run big? I'm usually a size 6.5(UK) in Jordan's, would a size 6 be too small?
  4. martyb

    Grade School and Men's Sizing

    Hi guys, sorry if this has been asked before but im confused between grade school sizing and men's sizing Is a US 7Y equivalent to a Mens UK 6.5?
  5. martyb

    GS Bred 11's Fake or Legit?

    Edit: Never Mind!
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