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  1. actazn

    bred 4s for lebron x jades?

    got a pair of bred 4s good condition just have slight paint chip nd minimal creassing  for some lebron x jades he said perfect condition plus $15  Do i have a deal?
  2. actazn

    Lebron 5 Legit check will rep!!

    I got these lebron 5 for $20 price sounded too good with this type of condition will rep!!
  3. actazn

    Fire red 5s LC

    i traded these and post it here one day few months ago and everyone say there good legit but one guy talking bout tongue little funky said too indented..... i wanna make sure before i rock it. please say legit 
  4. actazn

    Fire red 5s LC

    Trading my VNDS crimson 3s  to his Fire red 5s what do u guys think fair trade?  and i aslo think they legit but always want to now other guys opinion....
  5. actazn

    Bred 4s price check...Which Bred look better?

    Bred 4s #1  Dude looking for 155 for these they look nice to me... Or  Bred 4s #2  Really nice sued look brand new for 150 but there a scuff.....
  6. actazn

    Bordos 7s legit check and price

    what do u think about these bordos for 125 no box.. and are these legit?
  7. actazn

    Low 11s legit check and price check

    guy looking for 120 for these low tops 11s  what do u guys think also has minor scuff in the midsole.. and i aslo think they legit but always want to  see other people opinion cuz i might be wrong .
  8. actazn

    Orea 6s price and fake check

    U guys think its a good deal to cop this for 135 and are these real
  9. actazn

    Never mind

  10. actazn

    Finish line restock Question

    So im hooping to get the thunder 4s during the restock so i was wondering that finish line opens at 8am but my mall opens at 10am so would it be better to buy it online or go to the mall during 9:40 am  which ones an easy cop? this is my first time copping the restocks will it have allot of...
  11. actazn

    Pink Foam legit check

    i was wondering because he only take a picture in curtain spots...but i think they real! and is this a good deal of i traded some ds crimson 3s and $25 to this?
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