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  1. whatadingus

    At its peak, nothing is better than Hip-Hop Music.

    I love hip-hop, but none of those songs would have been made if parts of OTHER songs weren't a part of them. IMO sampling music is kinda gimmicky. Dont get me wrong I like it, but thats a reason why I dont think i could put hip-hop on the same level as other genres.
  2. whatadingus

    Krispy Kreme is the The Baddest Of Them All Vol. Better Than 50 Tyson

    Its okay Beyonce I think youre cute too.
  3. whatadingus

    Was this not the wildest thing ever?

    I've seen these videos so many times but its still surreal to me.
  4. whatadingus

    [::LAKERS vs. NUGGETS GAME 7 Thread | SATURDAY 7:30pm TNT | Win or Stay Home::]

    LOVING the way Bynum is FINALLY passing out of double teams.
  5. whatadingus

    People who dont smoke

    I don't get the alcohol vs. smoking thing. People I know who drink just do it on the weekends or for fun or whatever. So many weed smokers make it a huge part of their life/do it daily. "It makes you appreciate music." If you need it to appreciate music then you need to listen to different...
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