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  1. spidermang

    2021 NIKE SB DUNK THREAD_____GRs and QSs added

    Refreshing like a MFer @ SPoT but the sale stuffs not up yet?
  2. spidermang

    2021 NIKE SB DUNK THREAD_____GRs and QSs added

    Not a Dunk but...
  3. spidermang


    What shoes is everyone wearing? These SB Dunks ain't cutting it for me. After a couple of weeks skating like less than an hour a day, they started ripping above my middle toe. Shoe Goo is sorta helping...
  4. spidermang

    Anyone ever bought a foreclosed home?

    Bought one to live in, not flip. Just make sure to get a home inspection. My cheap *** friend bought a foreclosure too but didn't get a home inspection first (just to save $250). The second day he moved in, his furnace died and that cost him like $1800 to replace.
  5. spidermang

    Name a Song With 2+ Artists and No Bad Verses

    I have no idea to embed videos but here's one IMO: International Players Anthem - UGK/Outkast
  6. spidermang

    The RETRO Gaming Thread!

    Started playing the first Megaman the other day. Only beat Cut-Man so far. I forgot how hard Mega man games are!
  7. spidermang

    Worst decision you've ever made??

    Listened to my parents' advice and bought a brand new whip. Now that garbage is burning a hole in my pocket every month for the next 2 years SMH Should of just bought a decent used whip...
  8. spidermang

    GSP to Star in 'Kickboxer' Remake with WWE's Dave Bautista

    Kickboxer is a classic and shouldn't be touched. ..nuk su kow! Nuk su kow!
  9. spidermang

    For my non Barber shop going dudes....

    Just show the barber the picture my dude.
  10. spidermang

    The Legend of St. Louis is BACK

    I'm waiting for the St. Lunatics to come back now...
  11. spidermang


    Vic Virgo John Geronimo
  12. spidermang


    I'd take the middle one down. The Asian one is oogly...
  13. spidermang

    NT, convince me "cutting the cord" is a good idea

    Right now I'm just using a laptop hooked up to the TV via HDMI.
  14. spidermang

    NT, convince me "cutting the cord" is a good idea

    So far I've been using 1channel and ICE Films mostly. I need to check out Navi-X though...
  15. spidermang

    NT, convince me "cutting the cord" is a good idea

    Just got XBMC up and running over the weekend. Cutting my cable today hopefully. Is there an add-on that streams live TV?
  16. spidermang

    Wu-Block 2 dropping May 20 2014

    Looking forward to this! First one was too :hat
  17. spidermang

    Planet Fitness tells woman that her "toned body" was intimidating to other members...

    I go to PF. The one I go to seems to not follow the "rules". Seen a girl on a bike wearing jeans, boots, and a coat on one day. But I've been to a PF in the Chicago suburbs that wouldn't let me in b/c I was wearing a tank top.   
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