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  1. markangelo

    LC Bred 1s

    Hey fellas,  just need a legit check on these bred 1s, thanks
  2. markangelo

    LC on Air Jordan 1 Breds

    Hey NT, are these legit? Help would be appreciated..thanks
  3. markangelo

    Let's hear it for Canada vol. rednecks

    Late I know but still funny   so I thought I'd share
  4. markangelo

    West Playoff Race Tracker for 6th, 7th, and 8th spot... vol. Jazz, Lakers, Rockets, Warriors *EDIT*

    Fellow NBA fans, it is getting to the end of this wonderful NBA season and tracking these teams are both entertaining and nerve-racking...Here's the schedule of all four teams fighting for these last three spots in the west: Utah Jazz - Currently 9th with a record of 33-32 Remaining Schedule...
  5. markangelo

    What is reality? vol. wisdom of Joe Rogan

    once in a while, after lighting one up, I watch this video: Really makes me think...It always puts things in perspective for me... Science cannot even explain a thought, how do we explain the universe? Discuss
  6. markangelo

    FlipTop Battle League Philippines: "Magingay kayo!"

    Anyone follow the battle league in the PI? One of my favourites: Loonie and Abra  Smugglaz and Shehyee  Both teams were good but the chemistry of smugg and shehyee was slightly better. Another good battle from two good emcees: Dello is just great man, rebuttals to him are just so...
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