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  1. sunshineblotters

    Hare Jordan 1 Rerelease - April 4th Also reported on the other site.
  2. sunshineblotters

    Butt Camera vol. Dat Mass

  3. sunshineblotters

    London jumps from 5th most expensive city to 1st in 6 years

    Now puts it ahead of Hong Kong, New York, Paris, and Tokyo. Only two boroughs in London have an average rental price of less than £1,000 a month...
  4. sunshineblotters

    Catfished on Tinder (guy vs girl)

    I'm actually married :rollin Sorry. just can't do a fat chick. If she was ugly but still cool I could stick around. They should have a guy saying he is a doctor and switching to be a burger flipper and see how that goes. EDIT: Or one where the guy appears tall in his photo and is 5'1" or...
  5. sunshineblotters

    Homeless guy survives by picking up women 3-4x a week

    I ******* love NYC :lol
  6. sunshineblotters

    Who are the girls in this video?

    Mainly the girl at the beginning, the girl in the jeep, the darkskin girl, and the one by the phone booth? EDIT: I'm not sure if I can post it since it contains the b word but the name of the song is cut her off
  7. sunshineblotters

    What unexpected expenses should I save for? Other questions about moving.

    Planning to move to NYC as soon as I can (Sorry I for starting one of "these" threads). Tryna make it there in 2-3 years. In the meanwhile I need to get financially ready. So is it true that NYC landlords want 6 months rent ahead of time (deposit and 5 months)? If I found a roommate in the...
  8. sunshineblotters

    Raising your credit. What worked for you?

    So I been on my self improvement tip and there is a list of things I am trying to accomplish in 2-3 years. On that list is raising my credit score. 586 ): How I handled my student loans man :{ Also had some hospital bills that went to my moms house and she never told me so they all went to...
  9. sunshineblotters

    Breaking Into a Car Vol. White Guy vs Black Guy.

    This entire profession at its finest :rollin
  10. sunshineblotters

    A celebrity who agrees with my philosophy...

    Professional football(soccer) player Peter Crouch was asked what he would be if he wasnt a football player. He replied "a virgin". His answer speaks to my soul. You guys keep saying Im in my own world for those type of views and I take it. Why? Because if you truly believe money can't buy...
  11. sunshineblotters

    Another UNDFTD IV?

    IDK if they are releasing or not
  12. sunshineblotters

    If you have ever battled poor self image/self esteem... did you get over it? I am battling that now and there is no light at the end of this tunnel. I see myself in the mirror and I cringe. I don't like anything I see. I avoid taking pics because I simply hate how I look. I go to the gym but I am also so far away from where I want to be (just...
  13. sunshineblotters

    Police officer steals shoes during drug raid

    But he got them Js tho :lol
  14. sunshineblotters

    Can anyone here say they got rich off going to college?

    I feel like I wasted 6 years of my life getting a masters degree. People who went into the work force after high school seem to be doing better than me (not everyone but a decent amount). I met high school dropouts who push 6 figure whips. And everyone I know who made it after going to college...
  15. sunshineblotters

    Do you use Tea Tree Oil?

    I have been recommended to switch from Pink Oil to Tea Tree Oil. I met a guy who used it and his hair looks great (especially for the hairstyle I want to rock). But I forgot to take a pic of his productt. Anyway if you use tea tree oil for your hair can you link me to what the product you use...
  16. sunshineblotters

    Im in Detroit for tonight and tomorrow night

    Whats good? What you got to do. I stay in a motel not too far from the renaissance center. Anything I have to do while I'm here?
  17. sunshineblotters

    Would you ever let your parents borrow or have money?

    This conversation came up with some of my family (brothers, sisters, cousins). I said no. My parents, although they are great people, they sucked at parenting. I dont care to ever help them. I couldnt see myself letting them borrow or have money unless it was a life or death situation. Has...
  18. sunshineblotters

    Burning bridges....

    Has anyone here ever done that? How did it pan out? That is a permanent decision and a path I might take. Move and lose all contact with everyone but two or three people
  19. sunshineblotters

    Have the terrorist already won?

    Terrorist don't scare me. This however scares the **** out of me. declaring Martial Law for the one person manhunt? Might as well rip the bill of rights to shreds. Patriot act took away the 4th amendment. The 5th and 6th amendments were staken away by the Military Commission Act of 2006 and...
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