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  1. vslackin

    Adult star parents..

    After watching a few videos (and finishing my thing), I've got to thinking. How do the parents feel, that their daughter, is making films like these? What are the parents doing that drive their kid into saying "I want to become an adult actress?" Just imagine yourself, as a father, browsing upon...
  2. vslackin

    Knowledge on this scam?

    Hey niketalk, I'm new to Ebay and I just got this message from a dude with ZERO feedback and I'm really sure it's a scam. But then again, I'm not sure if it is a scam. Can anyone help me out? The guy said "Hello Seller Am the person who Bought your item on eBay my name is Lola Okafro i live in...
  3. vslackin

    A personality change in spiders?

    Hey everyone I got a pet tarantula and I was wondering if we got any people who have enough knowledge on em to see why mine is changing. She used to be all sweet and let me take her out of her terrarium whenever. Now, she's SUPER mad at everything. The picture below shows her getting ready to...
  4. vslackin

    Medical card

    I'm going to visit a 420 evalutation to get a marijuana card today. Can someone give me a hand on what I can tell the doctor to get one? I wouldn't want to pay $60 and get denied during the evaluation.
  5. vslackin

    Those Aliens Be Crazy

    Sort of a long read for those who are interested. I was a little skeptical of these aliens at first but this top ten list, along with a little more research on some of these cases, have helped me confirm my beliefs. These cases are just crazy. 1) The Bowling Green Apparition...
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