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  1. jayvee1220

    Manny and the Dog Brothers vol. Original Jersey Shore

    <iframe width="560" height="349" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Anyone remember this?  MTV's show called Sex in the 90's.   The two guys were the predecessor for the Jersey Shore dudes. damn embedding isn't working so here's the...
  2. jayvee1220

    Crazy Honey Badger

    Dont know if this is old or not but it had me this morning. embedding not working for me once again. but enjoy anyway.
  3. jayvee1220

    Denny's Grand Slam

    Haven't seen this here, but it's worth checking out.  First the guys go at it and then the girls. embedding is being a pain so here's the link:
  4. jayvee1220

    High School coach accused of beating basketball players.

    didn't see this posted.  sorry if i'm late. SMH
  5. jayvee1220

    Kim Kardashian in W magazine

    Never disappoints.  damn banners Rest of the article. can't find more pics of  the spread though. Sorry if already posted.  
  6. jayvee1220

    Worst tattoo customer ever!

    sorry don't know how to embed.  
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