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  1. yeah

    Nintendo Switch Give Away for Minneapolis [DEADLINE: JULY 17th] [DRAWING: 7/18 7PM PST]

    Hey NT, I hope you and your loved ones are doing well and staying safe. I haven't posted for a while, but NT has showed me a great deal of love over the years and I'd like to pay it forward. As my bio has said since I made this account, I’m from Minneapolis. A lot has happened over the past...
  2. yeah

    Anyone Work For A Startup?

    Sup NT, I was wondering if anyone here has worked for a startup? Either currently or in the past. I recently got an offer through LinkedIn and was wondering if anyone could share their experience. The opportunity is a DBA role (what I currently do) for a startup in financial services. Comes...
  3. yeah

    Tupac Shakur: The Most Interesting Man In The World (Long Read, But Worth It)

    What's up, NT? I posted this in another topic and a couple people found it interesting, so I thought I'd make a new thread. I am reposting this info from a user on Reddit named Rob0tTesla. Its a long read, but trust me, it is worth it and you will never look at Tupac the same again...
  4. yeah

    Ex Pornstar Lisa Ann thinks 25% of NBA Players are Blackmailed The article is definitely worth a read (a lot of game to soak up, for brokebois as well) but I have a question: NT: Who do you think had it the worst in the NBA? Have there been any players that looked...
  5. yeah

    Official Programming & Development Thread Vol. ASP.NET, C/C#/C++, HTML, Java, Etc.

    After some talk about it in another topic, a few people thought it would be beneficial to have a coding, programming, and development thread. We'll share tips, advice, and talk about general programming concepts. This will serve as a resource for people who are interested in getting started with...
  6. yeah

    60 Minutes host Steve Kroft Vol. Playa of The Year

    Last year, ya boy Steve Kroft got caught up. This is a thread to celebrate the anniversary of this momentous occasion. Here's the link to the article, but this is really all you need to know:
  7. yeah

    #HoodDocumentary - New Series on Youtube Vol. Your trim is dead!

    Saw a few people mention it on Twitter and took a look. Takes a bit for it to get in a rhythm, but once it did, I was laughing at nearly every scene. Anyone else watching?
  8. yeah

    Obama To Reject Keystone XL Pipeline Endless fire emojis. My lambo is also blue.
  9. yeah

    Will & Jada May Be Getting Divorced Vol. Why don't she want me man? :(
  10. yeah

    Hulk Hogan Vol. Accidental Racist?

    There are rumors that National Enquirer has an audio recording of Hulk Hogan dropping the N bomb multiple times. The story seems to have originally popped up on The Coli, and it looks like it very well may be legit. This is in the wake of news regarding one of Hogan's businesses and its odd...
  11. yeah

    IL Woman Found Dead in TX Jail vol. #WhatHappenedToSandraBland Apparently, she went to school in TX and was returning to start a new job...
  12. yeah

    Panera Employee KNOCKED Out Vol. NY Takes an L? What say you, NT? Deserved? 8o
  13. yeah

    Superb, Its Been Fun Homie

    In spite of his constant lies, line stepping, and the occational act of idiocy, our friend Superb has managed to become a staple of NT's General. Like a lucky lemming, or an ever-persistent pterodactyl, he manages to escape certain death in spite of the most incredible odds. While I may lack the...
  14. yeah

    BREAKING: Multiple Shootings Reported at Canadian Parliament in Ottawa Whats been reported thus far: Up to 6 possible suspects, 2 shooters have been shot. 3 Separate shooting incidents have been confirmed, one of which was a...
  15. yeah

    Happy Birthday To MPLSdunk!

    Didn't see a thread if one already exists. If so, mods please delete. Happy birthday homie. :hat
  16. yeah

    Almost Got Kidnapped by a Taxi... Can/Should I pursue legal action?

    Yo NT, I had a wild night last night and thought I'd ask for advice. While out on the town my car got towed because I wasn't paying enough attention to the street signs. Cliff Notes - Car got impounded in downtown. Took a cab to the lot, which was closed. Then rode with the same cab to my place...
  17. yeah

    Federal Agents & Florida Police Are Deceiving Judges For Warrants The article goes on to say: Thought I should post this since news stories like these are usually released on Friday evenings and then buried.
  18. yeah

    Superb, Where You At Doggy?

    Not sure if fellow NTers have noticed the claims made by you, but based on your claims, and subsequently your contributions after using those claims to validate your importance, I have doubts. I called these into question before, but you insulted and then claimed to ignore/block my account. But...
  19. yeah

    Growing Up Poor Affects Our DNA Never mind, the short sightedness of others has already destroyed any potential this thread had. One.
  20. yeah

    I Think I've Found My Second Favorite Website :rollin :rollin :rollin
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