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  1. jabawokee

    Lost my phone but I think I found it for sale on Craigslist

    Long story short, I lost my Iphone 4 on sunday and had it turned off by ATT (no Mobilme). Today I checked to see if anyone was selling one in the area and found this ad no pictures.... This 16 gb iphone 4 comes with all accessories but no box. It has a screen protector front and back and is in...
  2. jabawokee

    ANOTHER oil spill in the Gulf!
  3. jabawokee

    Droid X self-destructs if you try to mod it?

  4. jabawokee

    Buying an ATM machine

    -Buy ATM machine from wholesaler - $2079.00 Delivered @ atmequipment -Put $2000 in it -ATM gets used 250 times a month on average -Machine will make $500 a month with $2 surcharge -Get money back in 4-5 months -??????? -PROFIT Only problem I see is finding a place to put it since most places...
  5. jabawokee

    Hottest soccer fan Vol: Argentina

  6. jabawokee

    Miller Lite > your fav beer

  7. jabawokee

    So I have some shoes I want to sell....

    Where are some places I can list them besides... Niketalk - too many rules and regulations Craigslist - too sketchy Ebay - Costs too much to list things & fees ISS - Hear too many stories about people getting scammed What else is there?
  8. jabawokee

    Buffalo Wild Wings coupon

    Buy 8 boneless wings get 4 free. Caribbean Jerk  
  9. jabawokee

    Take the breathalyzer or refuse?

    Which is actually worse in the long run?
  10. jabawokee

    Pony, The orangutan prostitute

  11. jabawokee

    NT watch out for this email vol. Trojan

    UPS Delivery Problem NR 36592. From:Support Kari Dahl <>To:Date:Thu, Mar 4, 2010 3:46 amAttachment Hello! Unfortunately we were not able to deliver your postal package which was sent on the 5th of December in timebecause the recipient’s address is wrong.Please print out the...
  12. jabawokee

    RIP Justin Bieber

  13. jabawokee

    Justin Bieber Vol. 16 and stylin' on you

  14. jabawokee

    Rosie Jones > Shay Maria Vol. Alllrreeaadddy know

    YES I searched and noticed that Scott made a post about her a little while ago but I had already went through the troubles of making this thread...Soo it won't hurt to appreciate her again. But I would write 5 page rant to irs and commit suicide in an airplane hopefully just to catch the gas...
  15. jabawokee

    This is nasty! #Jenkem #Butthash

  16. jabawokee

    I'm stumped on this one...Is it a trap?

  17. jabawokee

    Colombian TWINS

  18. jabawokee

    Post your best FFFFFUUUUUU pics

  19. jabawokee

    Thinking about driving to Indy for the playoff game.

    10 hour drive though. Think it's worth it?
  20. jabawokee

    Brazilian bikini boxing Vol. On roller skates

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